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Aoife Duggan

Senior Manager | Engineering Recruitment | Cork

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About Aoife Duggan

Specialist Area

QC Chemistry, Microbiology and Biochemistry

My Advice

My advise is to be organised. It will reflect very positively on you in the eyes of both recruiters and employers. Some simple tips to achieve this are as follows: If you are actively seeing new roles make a note of what positions you have applied for, when you applied for them and how you applied. Make sure your CV is fully up to date highlighting key skills required for the roles you are applying for. Taylor you CV to match the job that you are applying for. Know your CV inside out. Update your LinkedIn to mirror your experience. Ensure that you have a professional voice mail set up. Have a professional interview outfit picked out. Prepare a list of possible interview questions and practice your answers. If you have all of this done in advance it will take a lot of the pressure off when you are further into the hiring process.

My Background

I first joined Morgan McKinley in January 2017 and since then I have been working as part of the Science team. I recruit for QC Chemistry, Microbiology and Biochemistry positions in Dublin and the East of Ireland across all levels.

I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Nutrition and Health Science and before joining Morgan McKinley I myself worked in the science industry. Specifically, I worked as a NPD projects manager and as a production manager. From there I decided that I wanted to pursue a more commercial role where I was client facing hence my decision to venture into recruitment. However my time spent in industry was certainly not wasted. This experience gave me a great insight into the workings of the Food and Pharmaceutical sectors. My background means that I can relate to the candidates I place and have a better understanding of what makes you the right fit for a role. 

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