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Adam Pettit McNulty

Recruitment Consultant | Life Sciences & Engineering Recruitment | Cork

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About Adam Pettit McNulty

I am congnisant of how important it is to constantly develop one's skills. I am proactive in applying this approach to my current role and aim to become an expert in my field.

Specialist Area

I work on the Engineering desk specifically looking at R&D, NPI and Design Engineering roles. I solely look at permanent engineering positions nationally

My Advice

I recommend being completely transparent with your recruiter. It is imperative that this individual can understand the intricacies of your needs. The recruiter will have direct access to a wide encompassing market so being more specific will increase the likelihood of finding you an appropriate role or candidate.

My Background

Before joining Morgan McKinley, I worked in sales for 3 years at Vodafone. During this time I also completed a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management in University College Cork. Coming from a sales background and having acquired knowledge related to talent acquisition, recruitment seemed like an obvious career path. I joined the Engineering desk in November 2023.