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5 reasons why hiring

5 reasons why hiring processes are putting off top…

In the complex world of hiring, finding the right balance often feels like a juggling act. You've secured additional positions and are in a rush to…

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Pay and Perks: Your Winning

Pay and Perks: Your Winning Talent Strategy

43% of businesses outlined ‘Can’t compete on pay and benefits’ as the main reason they have lost out on hiring new talent in the last 6 months.

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AI in Sales & Marketing:

AI in Sales & Marketing: Transforming teams and…

AI in Sales and Marketing has revolutionised the way companies approach customer engagement, lead generation, and decision-making. 

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Webinar: Ireland’s Talent

Webinar: Ireland’s Talent Acquisition and Immigration…

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the pursuit of top talent has become more challenging than ever. Companies in Ireland seek exceptional…

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The influence of AI in

The influence of AI in Technology on workforce and…

AI is all around us. It has rapidly become an integral part of our now tech-savvy society, from voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, to recommendation…

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Stand out and succeed:

Stand out and succeed: Leadership tips for Projects,…

As part of our ongoing commitment to our specialist communities, we interview accomplished leaders on a monthly basis to bring you insights on their…

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The impact of banks adopting

The impact of banks adopting tech working practices on…

There is an increasing trend of banks adopting similar working practices to tech companies.

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AI in Project Management and

AI in Project Management and Change: Potential impacts…

The integration of AI in Project Management and Change Management is redefining how organisations approach planning, execution, and adaptation. 

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AI in Financial Services and

AI in Financial Services and Banking: Shaping a…

AI in financial services and banking is reshaping the way companies within the sector operate and impacting how they hire and manage their workforces. 

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Job hopping: Boon or a Bane?

Job hopping: Boon or a Bane?

A gap in your resume or an average job tenure of 1.5 years or less would have been a big red flag for employers in the past. But times have changed.…

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The importance of

The importance of multilingual skills in the Tech…

The world is getting smaller and smaller in an era defined by globalisation and unprecedented migration. The tech industry stands at the forefront of…

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