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How to craft a compelling

How to craft a compelling business case to hire?

Managers juggle deadlines, delegate tasks, and motivate teams to achieve ambitious goals. However, when a team is chronically understaffed and…

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Major IFRS Accounting

Major IFRS Accounting Standard Modifications: A…

IFRS plays a crucial role in ensuring global consistency in financial reporting and can necessitate significant adjustments to reporting practices.

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Remote Resistance: Despite

Remote Resistance: Despite Company Mandates, Employees…

Morgan McKinley Survey Reveals Demand for Hybrid Work Four years after the pandemic, the Singaporean workforce is still debating the merits and…

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Skill Shortage impacts

Skill Shortage impacts Technology Growth in Singapore

Cloud computing, Java and Governance talent in demandNew research conducted by global talent services company Morgan McKinley as part of its 2024…

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10 Of The Highest Paying Jobs

10 Of The Highest Paying Jobs In Singapore In 2024

Using data from our 2024 Salary Guide, we have outlined some of the highest paying jobs in Singapore.

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Employers in Singapore face

Employers in Singapore face fierce competition for…

Majority of Singaporean workers are unhappy with benefits packages.A new survey revealed that 80% of organisations in Singapore have found hiring ‘very…

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Org Group CEO Seb O’Connell

Org Group CEO Seb O’Connell recognised on SIA’s 2023…

Seb O'Connell, CEO of Org Group, comprising Org Advisory, recruitment firm Morgan McKinley and BPO provider Abtran, has been acknowledged as one of the…

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How has the hiring landscape

How has the hiring landscape shifted across Commerce…

Have you ever wondered how different your job might be four years in the future?Now think back four years, and compare that to your job today. Pretty…

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Are you ready for the COMPASS

Are you ready for the COMPASS Framework?

In this educational article, we will cover everything you need to know to be prepared for the new Employment Pass (EP) criteria, known as the COMPASS…

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