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About Morgan McKinley

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Why choose Morgan McKinley?

Morgan McKinley contractors contribute enormously to the success of a variety of organisations throughout Singapore. They often take up prominent and influential roles with some of the country’s most recognised and respected employers.

Morgan McKinley offers a dedicated service to professionals who are seeking contract employment.  We treat contracting as a positive career decision which can be a very attractive for a number of reasons:

  • Flexibility
  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Interesting projects
  • Opportunity to develop new skills
  • Opportunity to broaden experience
  • Exposure to new sectors & technologies
  • Exposure to different work cultures and organisations
  • Bridging the gap between permanent roles
  • Opportunity to re-enter employment after period of absence
  • Opportunity to expand network of professional contacts
  • Achieve visibility for your skills and experience – possibly leading to an excellent permanent role

For organisations, Morgan McKinley's contract recruitment service provides access to experienced specialists.  This can be due to a lack of existing niche skills within an organisation, or the current span of resources being stretched beyond capacity. Our consulting teams focus on a range of disciplines including Accounting and Finance, IT, Project Management and HR.

Morgan McKinley has many years of experience in delivering the highest quality service to contractors and hiring organisations. We are dedicated to providing the best contract opportunities in the marketplace and look forward to building a strong working relationship with you.

What is Contracting?

Contracting is a period of temporary employment which can last anything from a single day to several months.  You are typically paid on a pre-agreed monthly basis by Morgan McKinley. Assignments can be full or part-time.

For those committed to contracting longer term, there are a variety of assignments that  require experienced individuals to resolve business issues on a fixed term or project basis, spanning all our specialist disciplines and sectors.

What is a ‘Fixed Term Contract’?

A Fixed Term Contract is an assignment where positions are typically undertaken for a pre-agreed period.   You are usually paid a monthly salary, direct from the client, on a pro-rata basis with a notice period on both sides.  As you are paid directly by the organisation you are usually entitled to the same benefits as a permanent member of staff for this fixed period of time.  These benefits will be agreed with the client on each assignment.

Hear what our candidates have to say - testimonials

“My two consultants, Jane and Shing have been wonderful right from the start when I got a call from them about a job opportunity until now (even after signing the contract). Jane has been really patient and helpful by giving me advices, interview tips and my countless questions. Overall, I have a very good experience with them and with Morgan McKinley. Thank you!” Marilyn, Oct 2014

“When I arrived here, Peggy was the first person to contact and schedule for a meet up, which shows her interest and commitment in helping jobseekers. Peggy provided the best possible opportunity available and helped equip me by giving advices and tips just before the interview. I was always updated with how things are going, she would give me a call and an email, and I got the feeling of assurance and being well taken care of. It was a right choice to have trusted Morgan Mckinley in assisting me in my endeavor here in Singapore and I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and colleagues who would want to try their career here.” Allison, Sep 2014

“I would like to thank Peggy from Morgan McKinley, for all the help and guidance she had provided me. She displays professionalism by preparing me for my interviews to ensure that I’m ready. She is committed to trying her best for me and every single candidate of hers. She is friendly and I feel comfortable during our short meet up. She has definitely proven herself to be a top-notched consultant by helping me to secure a job in the banking and financial sector.” A Tan, Sep 2014

“I would like to write a personal note to thank Peggy, for all the help that she had given to me to secure my new job. A truly dedicated consultant, she has demonstrated professionalism, commitment and excellent service. I truly appreciate the preparation work that she had gone through with me to ensure that I was ready. I am glad to have known her not just as a good business partner but a friend whom I can keep in contact always.” Shirley, Jul 2014

Why do companies recruit Morgan McKinley Contractors?

Our contractors are recognised as being amongst the most highly skilled professionals in the market with the ability to quickly become a key asset.

Organisations often require Morgan McKinley contractors for the following reasons:

  • Fixed period access to expertise
  • Cover for maternity leave or absences
  • Additional cover for particularly busy periods
  • Ability to have experts on board to optimise growth
  • Skills to manage complex commercial projects where no internal expertise exists
  • Capability to oversee ‘cross discipline’ professional teams in delivering scaled change projects
  • Objective advice to assess the challenge and execute the solution
  • Acceleration of a project that has lost momentum
  • An immediate solution where there has been a sudden departure of an executive or the search process is taking longer than expected

Your responsibilities as a Morgan McKinley Contractor

Morgan McKinley’s “Career Ally” philosophy applies just as much to contract staff as to permanent employees.  Whether you are working through us or actively job seeking we have your professional best interests at heart and are there to support you every step of the way.

In return, you have a responsibility to help us meet our clients’ high expectations. We work with many of Singapore’s largest and most highly regarded organisations and they partner with us because of the service they receive.  It is therefore important when working on a contract assignment that you remember the following:

Commitment & Professionalism - When you work as a Morgan McKinley contractor you become part of our client’s team and are therefore are expected to give the same level of commitment as their permanent team. This includes, for example, starting and finishing on time, working the hours you are contracted to do each week and getting approval before you take any time off (including holidays).  We need you to abide by the terms of your contract and if your situation or circumstances change that will include serving your stipulated notice period.

Dress Code – Be mindful of the environment that you will be working in and ensure you dress appropriately.  Check with your consultant as to what is expected of you.

Flexibility –  A great benefit to both parties in a contract arrangement is flexibility.  Bear this in mind and be prepared to go that extra mile for the client.  Your dedication is appreciated and if you are paid on an hourly rate basis you will be paid for all agreed hours that you work.

Confidentiality – You are obliged to respect the confidentiality of client information during and after an assignment.  You may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Compliance – In a market that increasingly requires detailed information about contractors you may be asked for personal information in addition to undergoing background checks.

Our Guarantee – When we place you in an assignment, we guarantee to our client that you have the necessary skill set for the role and will be professional in your conduct and dedication.  In return we guarantee you competitive rates of pay and a role that matches your experience and expertise. As your “Career Ally” we will also ensure that consultants keep in touch with you during the course of your assignment.

Interested in contracting?

Visit our dedicated contracting jobs page where you will find everything you need to know about contracting through Morgan McKinley.

  • Resume
  • Personal Identification/ Proof of your ‘Right to Work’ (including NRIC/ FIN number) in Singapore

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