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Introducing Morgan McKinley Executive Search

Introducing Morgan McKinley Executive Search
Submitted by global_admin on Fri, 07/12/2019 - 04:38

We took some time to catch up with Simon Ganter to find out more about him and Morgan McKinley Executive Search, the exciting new market offering brought to you by Morgan McKinley.

1.    Hi Simon, first off, tell us a little about yourself and your career to date?

So, I’ve been in recruitment for a little over 6 years and started my career with a global recruitment firm while living in Australia. After spending a year in Brisbane, I got the chance to come home and continue my career with the growing Irish office. Fortunately, we had some great success during my time there and ultimately, I became the Country Director. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on partnering with both indigenous and multinational organisations to attract the best possible talent for their businesses. My clients span across a range of sectors with the majority being within the Technology and Consumer markets. I mostly enjoy partnering with clients who are growing and assisting them on key hires enabling the business to take the next steps in their journey.

2.    How has this led to you undertaking this exciting new role?

Well, on meeting with Ger Fitzgerald (COO, Morgan McKinley) & David Phelan (Managing Partner, Accreate), we discussed the synergies of my experience and their exciting plans for the Morgan McKinley business. We were in full agreement that there is a market opportunity in Ireland for a hybrid recruitment solution focused on senior talent and leadership roles. This new recruitment solution would offer the in-depth research capability of an experienced search business matched with a flexible approach to market and the ability to deliver quickly and consistently. And so, Morgan McKinley Executive Search was born!
3.    Tell me more about the value proposition of Morgan McKinley Executive Search?

Morgan McKinley Executive Search offers a fresh recruitment solution for senior talent and leadership roles. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering excellent results while offering a speedy turnaround time and remaining competitively priced. We always run a transparent search process and our success is and will be defined by our ability to deliver the best talent and ultimately exceed our client’s expectations. We don’t shy away from hard to fill roles and endeavour to build a reputation for finding solutions where others couldn't. We aim to focus on forming exclusive partnerships with new and existing clients who expect only absolute success when hiring senior talent for niche roles that are key to business growth.

4.    Specifically, who can Morgan McKinley Executive Search be of value to?

Honestly, every single business and that’s what's really exciting about this initiative! We are agile enough to offer bespoke search services to an indigenous SME in growth mode while partnering with a large multinational who consistently require leadership and senior talent. As individual consultants, our track records span across the Technology, Consumer & Life Sciences sectors. In the current market where
talent is increasingly difficult to identify and attract, we partner with clients from beginning to end ensuring success on every assignment.
5.    Can you explain what sets Morgan McKinley Executive Search apart from its competitors in the market?

Right now, we are really focused on building our own identity in the market, delivering on current assignments and forging new business relationships. We pride ourselves on the consistency of process and delivery. This means we are very clear about our offering and where we can (and can’t) add value. We have the market knowledge, powerful resources and expertise to assist a wide range of employers in their hunt for that crucial talent.  
6.    Can you outline some of the resources available to clients when partnering with Morgan McKinley Executive Search?

Sure. As I’ve mentioned above, we are experienced consultants with international track records of identifying senior leadership talent across multiple sectors. We have extensive networks of passive talent and a global reach as we’re part of the wider Morgan McKinley Group. In addition, we are supported tirelessly by a supremely talented research team led by Agnieszka Kuzdzal as our Head of Group Research. Working closely with the research team is pivotal to our success and so they will always attend any role briefings to truly understand the client’s requirements. Once the search is underway, we will agree to weekly calls with the client to discuss the ongoing search and any relevant market information we gather.
7.    How do you see Morgan McKinley Executive Search evolving in 2019 and beyond?

I’m confident that this business has huge potential both domestically and internationally. First off, it’s paramount that we demonstrate our capability within the Irish market before replicating the offering elsewhere. Morgan McKinley Executive Search compliments the Group offering very well by providing a fresh approach to the recruitment of those sometimes-tricky senior hires. Our short-term goal is to prove the merits of Morgan McKinley Executive Search at every opportunity while in the medium term expand the team allowing us to extend our services outside of the core sectors I have mentioned previously.
8.    Can you share any client feedback on how Morgan McKinley Executive Search has performed so far?

Good question and yes, I can share some… Our most recent assignment was for a Global Sales Director within a US multinational technology business who are growing their presence in Ireland. It was a brand-new role and our client had very specific requirements. They needed their message delivered effectively which we agreed was vital for success when attracting passive candidates in a very small pool of local talent. On success, all three client stakeholders agreed that it was the best set of interviews they had done, and we are kicking off the next search as we speak. 

9.    Finally, what are the main differences/challenges about hiring senior talent compared to hiring at other levels?

Another good question! Generally, at the more senior end of the market, the local talent pool can be limited and attracting candidates from abroad can become very expensive when you consider relocation costs, etc. As a global business, we have access to Irish diaspora who are often more cost-effective to relocate back home to Ireland. Another difference is the level of detail needed when proactively approaching leadership talent. Senior candidates will be armed with specific questions and it’s important that you have the answers they desire, or you risk losing their interest very quickly. The final difference that I’d mention is that senior candidates are more susceptible to counteroffers as the cost to employers of replacing their top talent can be huge.    
If you would like to speak further about the Morgan McKinley Executive Search offering, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.
Simon Ganter
Head of Morgan McKinley Executive Search  
+353 (0) 1 522 5417
+353 (0) 87 674 0849