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About Morgan McKinley

We’re your Career Ally. We believe your career journey extends beyond your next job opportunity. Together we will go beyond.

Preparing for your interview

PREP: Prepare, review, evaluate, perfect

Morgan McKinley has developed a tailored approach to preparing you for interview with clients – whether the interview is arranged through Morgan McKinley or even through another recruitment company. 

This is what we call Morgan McKinley PREP

A PREP is always done face to face between you and your consultant in advance of your interview. PREP is critical to the success of your interview and we advise candidates to avail of this service. During PREP we will give you insights into the types of questions that a particular employer may ask as well as the insights into individual hiring manager requirements. Every organisation will have a different interview approach and the more you are prepared the better the likely outcome.

PREP is truly bespoke to you and your interview and will give you the confidence and knowledge to go into your interview better prepared, which means you will be more likely to secure the job. It will also allow you to get the most out of the interview so that you can make an informed decision about your career. Your consultant will tell you more about PREP when they meet with you. Even if you secure an interview through another recruitment company, please contact us for a PREP. It is part of our commitment to you as part of the Career Ally programme.

Compliance in your interest

Finding you a new role will often require us to follow compliance procedures. Throughout the compliance process the Morgan McKinley Compliance Team will ensure you are kept as up to date as possible at all stages and will ensure the process runs smoothly.
Every employer will have different compliance requirements depending on their size, industry and the type of role we secure for you. Your consultant and our Compliance Team will guide you through what is required but you will often be expected to provide some or all of the following items with supporting documentation.

Documents requested may include: 

  • Proof of highest completed education e.g. degree certificate
  • Proof of professional qualification e.g. professional body certificate
  • Readily available reference details
  • Proof of earnings over the the last three years
  • Supporting documentation for your employment history.

Knowledge gives you the edge

Insights into your area of work help you to go beyond in your career. We provide: 

  • Recruitment Updates: These reports detail recent recruitment activity into who is hiring, the types of roles and skills that are in demand and why.
  • Employment Monitors: The Morgan McKinley Employment Monitor is a monthly report of the employment markets. It tracks employment data from the previous month and previous year. An Employment Monitor is also published in London covering demand and supply in financial services recruitment and for the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Success Series webinars: Talented professionals host global webinars on career-related topics including personal branding, productivity, leadership, employee engagement and nutrition at work.
  • High profile speaker and networking events: Across our global network, we regularly run high profile speaker events, panel events with industry figures, journalists and other experts, open evenings and many more. These key speakers deliver advice on topics relevant to successful career building.
  • Career advice articles and blogs. Largely written by our consultants or key guest bloggers, we cover a wide range of career advice topics from crafting your CV to the first day in your new role.

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