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Press Releases

Press Release: Businesses Begin to Pack Their Bags and Leave London

Brexit has pushed institutions into two camps. On one side we’ve got the ‘business as usual’ team, and on the other we have the institutions that are tired of the government’s hemming and hawing and have already begun to move jobs to other EU countries. It’s the latter group that’s contributed to the quarter drop in jobs available.

Press Release: Relocation Fears Mute January Jobs Surge

“The desire to hire is strong. The drive to take on new opportunities is strong. Everyone’s just waiting for the government to get on with it.”

Will high court ruling soften May's hard Brexit?

“Many European cities are continuing their charm offensive, but unless there’s a hard Brexit, they shouldn’t hold their breaths for draining the City of top talent."

Press Release: With March Brexit Deadline Looming, It's All Eyes on Passporting

Passporting looks to be the deciding factor for major banks relocating out of the City.

Press Release: The Great British Bounce Back

"A few short months after Brexit, a sense of optimism has returned to the City. However, two key negotiation items remain foremost on everyone’s minds. The first is the right of EU citizens to work in London; the second, the retention of passporting rights."

Brexit delivers milder than anticipated blow to City jobs

London Employment Monitor

Initial shock of brexit absorbed, but uncertainties loom

​London Employment Monitor June 2016

Press Release: Market slows down ahead of referendum

“If the eventual result is a vote to remain, then I would definitely expect a pickup in job numbers in the short term. The caveat being that in recent years, quarter 3 has been subdued in regards to jobs due to it being the summer period.”

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