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In demand Supply Chain & Procurement skills

In demand Supply Chain and Procurement skills
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In a tight hiring market - like many countries across the world are currently facing - being able to pinpoint the most relevant and valuable Supply Chain and Procurement skills in prospective new employees is crucial.

From a professional’s perspective, knowing exactly what hiring organisations are looking for and upskilling in those areas will put you in a strong position, increasing your attraction if you are on the job market and improving your value to your current employer if you’re not.

As part of our new salary guide, we identified some of the most important skill sets that employers globally look for when hiring into their Supply Chain & Procurement teams. Here’s what we found…

Key Supply Chain & Procurement skills:

Contracts Analysis

Contracts analysis is a critical part of the procurement process. Intense reviewing and negotiating skills are needed to meet business goals and legal obligations. It’s crucial for minimising costly mistakes and risks because even a tiny error may result in a significant liability.

Business Process Re-engineering

With changing and evolving industry standards, business process reengineering is an activity to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Strong analytical abilities, the capacity to track market changes and trends, and the ability to pinpoint areas for improvement are necessary - focusing on the analysis and design of workflows and other processes.

Vendor Negotiations

Vendor negotiation is critical in working with suppliers to secure the best deals. It calls for strong negotiating, communication, and relationship management skills to obtain the best pricing and terms for goods and services, reduce expenses, and boost profitability.


ESG and sustainability have become important considerations in supply chain management. The skills comprise understanding the most recent effects of procurement decisions on the environment and society, as well as spotting areas for improvement to guarantee that the supply chain runs ethically and sustainably.

Contract Management

The contract is the most important factor in supply chain and procurement. Contract management ensures that the contract is adhered to according to the terms set out. To succeed in this field, you must have a variety of essential skills, including effective communication, legal knowledge, analytical and review abilities, and dispute-resolution skills.

Risk Analysis/Regulation Analysis

To reduce disruptions and uphold adherence to the law, risk analysis/regulation analysis are crucial. In supply chain and procurement, there are multiple risks, so employers seek candidates with excellent analytical abilities, risk assessment and mitigation skills, stakeholder communication skills, and problem-solving abilities to ensure that the supply chain operates in compliance with regulations.

Interpersonal, soft skills

As well as the more technical skills outlined above, there are a few key interpersonal, soft skills for Supply Chain & Procurement that will help improve an individual’s success.

  • Planning
  • Project and Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Operational Excellence
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving

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