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Executive search recruitment FAQs

Submitted by Harry Double on Wed, 03/03/2021 - 12:31

Morgan McKinley Executive Search, the executive recruitment business line of our brand, has expanded to locations across APAC.

Having originated in Ireland a few years ago, this business line is functioning under a well-established model, meaning Morgan McKinley Executive Search is able to provide senior recruitment solutions to clients in our APAC locations of Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan and Sydney, as well as across EMEA.

What is the value proposition of Morgan McKinley's Executive Search?

Morgan McKinley Executive Search offers a fresh recruitment solution for organisations looking to fill leadership roles with the very best senior professionals.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering excellent results at a short turnaround time, whilst remaining competitively priced. Our executive search process is fully transparent, and our success is defined by our ability to exceed expectations by delivering the best talent.

But it’s rarely a straightforward process: We know exactly how hard it is to find the right leaders. Senior roles demand a lot, and so it’s crucial that you find the perfect match to your organisation’s requirements.

We never shy away from ‘hard-to-fill’ roles and endeavour to build a reputation for finding solutions where others couldn't.

We focus on forming exclusive partnerships with new and existing clients who expect only absolute success when hiring senior talent for niche roles that are key to business growth.

What sets Morgan McKinley's Executive Search offering apart from its competitors?

Our key focus in Singapore and other APAC markets is developing our identity by working on assignments with existing clients alongside forging strong relationships with new clients. 

One of our primary differentiators is the consistency of our processes that drive successful delivery. This consistency allows us to be fully transparent about our offering, clearly identifying where we can add value, and where we cannot.

We have in-depth local knowledge of APAC markets as well as a rounded global perspective. Couple this with our powerful resources and executive search expertise, and we are able to help a wide range of clients in their crucial task of identifying, and subsequently hiring, senior leadership talent.

Due to the nature of senior roles, in many instances the candidates you require will not be actively looking for new opportunities. This doesn’t mean they’re not open to a move, it just makes them a bit harder to identify.

In recruitment terms, they are passive candidates. Our experienced in-house research team has an extensive network of relevant professionals meaning they have ready access to those harder to reach people.

What are the main challenges of hiring senior talent in Singapore?

Finding and attracting leaders to join your organisation is a real challenge. 

More than any other employee, you want to make sure you get the decision right. Their position within your business is critical to your long-term success and will set the precedent for much of your workforce.

At the senior end of the market, local talent pools are often pretty limited. And if you look to attract candidates from abroad, the process can become very expensive and time-consuming when you consider the ins and outs of relocation for an individual.

Our global coverage can definitely help in this regard.

Another difference that sets executive hires apart from other recruitment processes is the scrupulous level of detail required. The people being approached will have vast experience and they will be ready with a range of specific questions surrounding the job and wider business.

Therefore it’s vital that you, or the executive search firm representing your business, are able to provide the answers they need. Fail to do so and you risk losing their interest.

A final consideration that differentiates executive hires from less senior requirements is the increased chance of counteroffers.

The cost to an organisation of replacing a leader is substantial, so they will try as much as possible to convince them to stay. The help of an executive search firm here can really make the difference - keeping in constant contact with the candidate and reminding them of all the positives about the move mitigates the risk of them accepting a counteroffer.