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Rory Boland

Senior Legal Recruitment Consultant | Legal Recruitment | Dublin

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About Rory Boland

Your legal career ally

Specialist Area

With the ever-growing war on talent and journey in finding (at least something that resembles) your “dream job”, I’m grateful for having the opportunity to stay in touch with not only the best talent out there, but also the most exciting clients across the legal landscape. With that, my speciality lies in the appointment of professionals anywhere from legal executive/paralegal level to partners in varying tiers of law firms & different levels of in-house counsel. Having said that, what makes our team particularly unique is our passion in working with corporate governance professionals. Off the back of this, our team were the leader in company secretarial appointments last year (2022) by servicing vacancies from €28k to €200k across law firms, professional services firms and a multitude of inhouse positions.

My Advice

I think the majority of people now know that when it comes to interviewing, they should dress to impress, be well prepped, ten minutes early for the interview, aware of the STAR Method of answering competency-based questions (the list goes on) etc. However, my biggest piece of advice nearly always comes in the form of a question; how are you thoughtfully going to stand out from your competition? As previously mentioned, the job market is only getting more competitive and therefore, where it used to be a game of inches, now – it’s truly a matter of millimetres that will set you apart. Furthermore, it’s important to acknowledge that the job doesn’t always go to the candidate with the most relevant experience either. Therefore, strive to be different. Show enthusiasm. Express whatever competitive advantages you feel are your personal unique selling points that will add unmatched value. This goes beyond deeply researching the company/interviewers’ backgrounds, knowing the job description (inside out) and being prepared for any questions they may have. First and foremost; smile and don’t be afraid to show a bit of your personality! Remember, the interviewers must want to interact with the person sitting in front of them on a daily basis. Thus, it may be beneficial to acknowledge mutual interests/acquaintances through the research you’ve done. Secondly, a huge differentiator (of which I hear time and time again from our most exclusive clients) is the ability to ask thought provoking questions or simply just making the interview conversational as opposed to question & answer format (yawn). Lastly, although the confidence to do so doesn’t come naturally to most of us; throughout the entirety of the interview process, (even if it is derived from some sort of internal fake it til’ you make it confidence) you must always be selling the value that you would bring to the role. For example, in succession of thanking the interviewers for their time, do what others aren’t. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they would have any slight concerns about your ability to excel in the role. This will hopefully negate any behind closed doors chat resembling “jeez, that candidate was a superstar BUT…”. Instead, this will offer you the opportunity to once again remind them why you are the best fit for the position! Furthermore, although it can be organizationally demanding with your presumably already busy diary, it really is in your interest to cast your net as wide as possible. Chat to as many companies/law firms that will speak with you to refine your interview experience and learn more about market trends (as to be able to align yourself competitively in the market). A new job is a big life decision, it’s of utmost importance that you can get up feeling good about it for 8+ hours or so each day. So, I would encourage candidates to believe in this process of elimination, as it ultimately allows you to hone in on a role that truly satisfies your wants, needs and overall lifestyle!

My Background

Upon gaining advanced diplomas in areas such as Marketing and Advertising, it cemented the fact that I was driven to add value to people's lives on both personal & professional levels. This motivated me to earn a degree in Psychology and during this time, I spoke with a family member in the recruitment industry and from there, I knew being a trusted career ally was for me.

During my job search, I discussed potential recruitment opportunities with other agencies but Morgan McKinley’s “Go Beyond” ethos really resonated, and I was delighted to join the global brand as a talent acquisition specialist. Funnily enough, my interest in the legal world was quickly picked up by the Manager of the legal team (John Cronin – Irish, England & Wales qualified solicitor) and I now work alongside a team of dedicated legal consultants here. Through their endless support and the wonderful candidates and clients I deal with daily, it was a great privilege to have achieved the status of being #1 legal consultant globally and #2 consultant across all recruitment sectors in 2022.

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