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Webinar: The Mental Health Pandemic - Protect

With the undisputed personal and commercial impact that stress and mental ill-health absence has on work, it is essential that we are all vigilant to…

Webinar: Life After Qualification - Being

Listen to the recording of our Life After Qualification webinar for Newly Qualified Accountants on the topic of being successful in interviews, wherever…

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How To Write A Cover Letter: 9 Dos and 5 Don’ts

You’ve found your dream job. You read the job description and it seems like you’re a great match, so you apply. You upload your recently spruced up CV…

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How To Find A New Job After Being Made Redundant

You haven’t been made redundant. Your job has. It’s important to understand the semantics here.

Real Talk Series: An Interview With Dr. Steve

We recently spoke to Dr. Steve Garnett about his highly-esteemed career in the software industry.

Top 10 Highly Paid Contract Roles: What Could

Whilst the employment market suffered drastically in the wake of COVID-19 disruption, things have regained a level of stability and particularly in the…

Project & Change Management Recruitment:

Recruitment update for project and change management professionals in London, with lessons from 2020 so far.

South West Recruitment: Top 5 Lessons From 2020

Autumn recruitment update for accounting and finance and HR professionals in the South West, with lessons from 2020 so far.

Thames Valley Recruitment: Top 5 Lessons From

Autumn recruitment update for accounting and finance and HR professionals in the Thames Valley, with lessons from 2020 so far.

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