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The top 20 best paying contracting jobs

The top 20 best paying contracting jobs

2 Mins Read | 15-02-2018
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Contracting continues to be popular in the professional markets as it can offer individuals work on a range of projects as well as the opportunity to gain more varied experience compared to staying in the same long term, permanent role.

A premium for the highly skilled

Despite the general decrease in contract opportunities available in 2017 (as revealed in our recently released salary guide), due in the main to Brexit uncertainties, some roles can still be well rewarded. Such roles, as outlined by in their recent study, require high levels of skill, with greater specificity and unsurprisingly, tend to be applicable to more senior candidates.

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The finance, change and IT sectors still offer premiums for contract roles, with increased rates for those candidates who possess strong technical skills or extensive industry experience.

Rank Discipline Job Daily Rate
1 Finance Risk Modelling / Quant £760
2 Change Management Risk Change £730
3 Management Programme Management £640
4 Finance Model Validation £610
5 Change Management Finance Change £570
6 IT IT Senior Management £570
7 Consulting Strategy Consulting £570
8 Finance Credit Risk Management £520
9 Data Business Analysis £505
10 IT Enterprise Architecture £505
11 Finance Operational Risk Management & Risk Analytics £505
12 Management Project Management £500
13 Finance Corporate & M&A Strategy £495
14 IT IT Service Delivery £485
15 Change Management Operational Change £475
16 Product Product Manager £475
17 IT IT Security £450
18 Outsourcing Procurement & Purchasing £445
19 IT Software Development £430
20 Data Data Analysis £425

The impact of skilled contract hires

Risk modelling/quant contractors within finance are top of the pile as they possess advanced mathematical knowledge which is a precious and well rewarded skill in the banking industry. IT is a sector that has seen some impressive growth in the last few years, both in terms of jobs available as well as rates they can charge. The roles at senior management level and those with substantial experience can expect a healthy day rate.

Temporary by nature, the frequency of change management roles in the top 20 best paying contractor roles is reflective of the times. With plenty of change in regulations and the political uncertainty of Brexit, organisations are prepared to offer a premium for well qualified change contractors on projects that impact their bottom line.

Could you be a top contractor?

Becoming a contractor for the first time can be a daunting step as there is far less security around your earnings. This said, if you have niche or high demand skills, you will be attractive to employers and in turn, likely to be able to command a premium rate.

If you would like any information on becoming a contractor, or if you are looking to hire someone for a specific temporary role, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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