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How to Make the Move from HR Advisor to HR Business Partner

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2 Mins Read | 16-10-2017
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Top tips from the top for how you can make the move from HR advisor to HR business partner

Working in the human resources (HR) market, specialising in placing HR advisors / junior HR business partners, I’m frequently asked the question – "I want to become a HR BP, how do I progress into a true HR business partner? What projects and exposure do I need? What steps can I take?"

With that in mind and armed with what I considered to be the most relevant questions,  I got in touch with some of our top clients including Senior HR Business Partners and HR Directors who have successfully made the transition and progressed their careers.

Reflecting on their careers and what’s made the difference for them, they answered the following questions:

  1. HR business partner is a widely used title – what really is the role and its key deliverables?
  2. What are the fundamental differences between a HR advisor and a HR business partner?
  3. How can you make the move?
  4. What are your thoughts on a large company vs a small company? Where are you most likely to gain the best exposure?
  5. Do you need a CIPD qualification to transition into a HR business partner role?
  6. What are your final words of wisdom to HR advisors looking to progress?

To give you an insight into some of their advice:

“Don’t give up! Be determined, attend as many meetings you can to really get to know the business and where they are heading and learn the business. Oh, and one last thing to mention, thick skin – you’ll need it!"

If you find yourself in this position currently and want to hear what advice our clients had to offer, please get in touch to view the full article.

Read the full blog here

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