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Being A Contractor in the 21st Century
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Being A Contractor in the 21st Century

Here I have outlined my top tips for contractors so that you are fully equipped with knowledge of what a move into contracting requires and the positive…

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Have you considered Engineering Contract

Are you an experienced engineer looking for a change of direction? Have you moved abroad for work and are now looking to relocate back to Ireland?…

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Why is nobody replying to my job application?

Here's the most common reasons that contractors don't hear back on job applications.

How much are you worth as a daily rate contractor?
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How much are you worth as a daily rate

As a recruiter, I work with both short-term temporary and contract positions and I can certainly verify the demand for contractors. I speak with…

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Should I consider a contract job whilst in a

Many companies now structure their recruitment plans around fixed term contracts (FTCs) and use permanent head count approval for internal positions.  

Morgan McKinley agrees exclusive partnership with new pharmaceutical company moving to Munster
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Morgan McKinley agrees exclusive partnership

In yet another good news story, Morgan McKinley have recently agreed an exclusive partnership with a US owned pharmaceutical company moving to Ireland…

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Are you always stressed? Do you feel you don’t fit into your current work place? Are you constantly frustrated? Does your current job not match with your…

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How do I get into Pharma?

As a consultant on the Supply Chain desk at Morgan McKinley there is not a day that goes by without me being asked the question “How do I get into Pharma…

5 quick tips to get over job rejection
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5 quick tips to get over job rejection

Technology and social media have changed the way we apply for jobs. Where historically we applied for jobs we heard about through the grapevine or print…

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Flexible Family Friendly Employers

Jack and Emily – the most popular names of Irish babies born in 2013.  Well if you have given birth to a Jack or Emily in the last few years you know…

Moving back home to Ireland? There’s no time

Whether they are abroad in Australia, Dubai, America or even just across the water in London, most Irish people imagine themselves finally returning back…

Interview Questions and Answers

An interview is not just about answering questions, it is about selling yourself with carefully prepared excellent answers. Part of your research should…

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