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We all want to excel at work. Whether you’re seeking a promotion, going for a pay rise or looking to increase your value, our career advice contains priceless tips.

What to include in a good HR

What to include in a good HR CV

Writing your HR CV can be a daunting task. As it is your personal sales document, it is essential to make it the best you can. With the best possible…

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On Demand Webinar: Benefits

On Demand Webinar: Benefits of Contracting in Ireland…

We recently held an informative webinar on the topic of Contracting in Ireland 2022.

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Notice periods: Dos and don

Notice periods: Dos and don'ts

In a competitive talent market, companies are unsurprisingly reticent to part with staff - especially if they are an integral part of the team. This…

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What To Do If A Salary

What To Do If A Salary Comparison Reveals You're…

Most people’s primary career motivation is to earn as much money as they can; it’s natural to strive for a higher salary as you progress through your…

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Global Hiring Realities: What

Global Hiring Realities: What Do Professionals Value…

If you’ve moved jobs recently, then you’re certainly not alone. There has been a mass movement of professionals leaving their employment in search of…

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Forging Your Career As A

Forging Your Career As A Contractor: A Guide

As a choice for your career, contracting offers an invaluable opportunity for you to take full control of the direction of your professional life. In…

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How To Make The Switch From

How To Make The Switch From Permanent To Contractor

As job seekers continue to chase a higher level of flexibility, greater variety in their working patterns and more autonomy over their careers, the…

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3 top tips for getting the

3 top tips for getting the best out of your…

It’s natural for you to want as much certainty and control over your assignment as possible.

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Template: Career Progression

Template: Career Progression Cover Letter

You’ve decided that you’re ready to make that next step forward in your career. It’s time to look for a new role that will offer you the progression…

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