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10 Of The Highest Paying Jobs In Ireland In 2022

10 Of The Highest Paying Jobs In Ireland In 2022

2 Mins Read | 01-12-2021
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Using the data from our 2022 Salary Guide, we have outlined some of the highest paying jobs in Ireland this year.

There is a constant misalignment between the supply and demand for employees in the Irish market. We’re experiencing the return of counter offers because there is a strong demand to fill roles. For some organisations, the Great Resignation is an unparalleled threat, creating organisational challenges around skillsets and resources, and affecting everything from quality of work and time-to-completion to bottom-line revenue. For others, it’s a golden opportunity to secure accomplished talent that will add value for years to come.

“We’re currently seeing the most demanding employment markets of our time. The Great Resignation of the past year appears to be still in full swing. The experience of the sustained public health emergency has prompted countless workers to re-evaluate their work options, fine-tuning a better work-life balance and making deliberate choices as to where their careers are heading next." - Trayc Keevans | Global Foreign Direct Investment Director, Morgan McKinley

Disclaimer: There may be jobs with higher salaries that are not on this list; these are only roles from the industries and sectors in which we recruit.

10. VP/Supply Chain Director (Supply Chain & Procurement)

Average salary in Ireland: €110K - €200K

9. Head of Trading - Investment Banking (Banking & Financial Services)

Average salary in Ireland: €100K - €220K

8. Chief Marketing Officer (Digital Marketing & Sales)

Average salary in Ireland: €120K - €220K

7. Chief Revenue Officer (Accounting & Finance)

Average salary in Ireland: €110K - €230K

6. Chief People Officer (HR)

Average salary in Ireland: €140K - €230K

5. Head of International Tax (Accounting & Finance)

Average salary in Ireland: €135K - €250K

4. Head of Investor Relations - Aircraft Leasing (Banking & Financial Services)

Average salary in Ireland: €150K - €275K

3. Chief Information Officer (IT/Technology)

Average salary in Ireland: €140K - €300K

2. International General Counsel (Legal, Risk & Compliance)

Average salary in Ireland: €170K - €300K

1. Chief Financial Officer (Accounting & Finance)

Average salary in Ireland: €130K - €350K

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