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Managed Services.

Bring expertise and efficiency to your non-core functions. Scalable and flexible managed services - whether on-site, remote or hybrid - give comfort of continuity around your staff and skill sets.

Get stability in your staffing.

It’s a partnership; you provide the best oversight, we find you the right people who bring true value to your strategic programmes. Whether fully or partially managed services, permanent or for a fixed term, we’re well placed to deliver for your needs.


Map your needs and goals

Alongside you and your teams, we conduct a deep review of your current processes. This leverages the power and expertise of both organisations to shape excellence.


Deploy the best people

Once we’ve mapped what you need, we deploy our best people who fit technically and culturally into your business. They make an impact from the very first day.


Measure the impact of service

This is a strategic partnership, so we continually assess the impact of our service. Through meetings with key stakeholders, we can identify what’s working and what can be improved.


Evolve to bring maximum benefits

Excellence in delivery. It’s something we live by. As we progress, we optimise and evolve our service with you to ensure your business is receiving the most out of your programme.

Companies choose this service when they have critical projects or specific programmes of work to complete. Managed Services allows you to scale-up for a certain amount of time, when it matters most.

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Morgan McKinley Transforming foodpanda's Talent Acquisition for FinTech Expansion

Morgan McKinley Transforming foodpanda's Talent...

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Beyond fire fighting: securing recruitment strategy for longer term

Beyond fire fighting: securing recruitment strategy for longer term

As a company whose brand was relatively unknown, our client faced a challenge to recruit top talent over short period of time…

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Video interviews cut time to hire

Video interviews cut time to hire

Online travel search sites have become a highly competitive business. One way of differentiating the offer and raising brand awareness…

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Talent Pooling and the Employee Value Proposition

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A leading bank attracts high-flyers for a fast-track programme

A leading bank attracts high-flyers for a fast-track programme

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Outsourced Talent Solutions: 
The choice is yours.


Outsource your entire permanent recruitment process.

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Segmented RPO

Meet your hiring milestones when you need to increase your headcount.

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Outsource your contract and temporary hiring needs, whatever the scale.

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Project Recruitment

Enables mission critical hiring for your upcoming big project.

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Augment the capacity of your business through external talent on a flexible basis.

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Graduate Programmes

Attract and hire the best graduates to secure the future success of your business.

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Managed Services: FAQs.

Managed Services is the delivery of resources into a business in order to help them successfully complete large strategic programmes. These resources - often entire functions - can be permanent or for a fixed term in response to an organisation’s particular circumstances.

Organisations select Managed Services when they wish to bring expertise, continuity and efficiency to their non-core functions for certain strategic programmes. It allows them to easily scale up for a certain length of time and gives a level of stability in their staffing to see the projects through to completion.

It allows you to scale up and scale down as business demands change. Managed Services adds comfort of continuity around staff and skill sets. The same talent can be redeployed at different stages of the project as required.

Our Managed Services offerings are hugely flexible. They are moulded to the client’s specific requirements, designed to help them in their own unique situation. The length of time you require the resources will also impact the cost. These are not simply off the shelf services, but bespoke solutions. As such, the pricing structure will depend on what it is you are trying to achieve.