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Segmented RPO.

Constantly meet your recruitment goals. Even when your demand-to-hire is more pressing than usual. With Segmented RPO, you will reduce your cost of hiring, fill your skill gaps faster, and build strong talent pipelines.

Segmented RPO to help you 
Go Beyond.

We review your needs. We propose a solution. We deliver it. You Go Beyond.

Our Segmented RPO approach exists seamlessly beside your existing recruitment team, helping you hire for specific projects or functions.


Deploy industry experts

Experienced industry specific recruiters work alongside your Talent Acquisition and Internal Recruitment teams.


Deliver your hiring plans

From collaborating with your existing recruitment teams, our experts help you hire the talent you need.


Provide insightful learnings

We will deliver regular and insightful updates from analysing data of how the programme is working.


Inclusive hiring practices

We know how best to position your company in terms of Diversity & Inclusivity so you have the best chance of attracting top talent.


Feed into your talent strategies

We will provide expert advice, developed from working within your company, that you can embed across your talent strategies.

Inclusive hiring. 
Strategic employer 

As part of our Segmented RPO service, we also provide advice and guidance around your Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) positioning. Our vast experience of working with organisations on their talent strategies has given us a unique insight into the power of D&I and EVP when it comes to talent attraction. Spanning multiple industries and global locations, we know how best to position your company so that you have the best chance of attracting hard-to-find talent.

Success Stories

Morgan McKinley Transforming foodpanda's Talent Acquisition for FinTech Expansion

Morgan McKinley Transforming foodpanda's Talent...

foodpanda, a leading food delivery platform in Southeast Asia, aimed to expand into the FinTech sector by launching a FinTech wallet..

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Beyond fire fighting: securing recruitment strategy for longer term

Beyond fire fighting: securing recruitment strategy for longer term

As a company whose brand was relatively unknown, our client faced a challenge to recruit top talent over short period of time…

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Video interviews cut time to hire

Video interviews cut time to hire

Online travel search sites have become a highly competitive business. One way of differentiating the offer and raising brand awareness…

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Talent Pooling and the Employee Value Proposition

Talent Pooling and the Employee Value Proposition

A strong employee value proposition (EVP) is key to attracting the best talent now and in the future. Building brand awareness is therefore…

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A leading bank attracts high-flyers for a fast-track programme

A leading bank attracts high-flyers for a fast-track programme

Banks want to identify and attract top graduate talent. But with little or no experience, graduates have to be carefully assessed for suitability…

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Outsourced Talent Solutions: 
The choice is yours.


Outsource your entire permanent recruitment process.

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Outsource your contract and temporary hiring needs, whatever the scale.

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Project Recruitment

Enables mission critical hiring for your upcoming big project.

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Graduate Programmes

Attract and hire the best graduates to secure the future success of your business.

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Augment the capacity of your business through external talent on a flexible basis.

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Managed Services

On-site, remote or hybrid resources that bring continuity to your staffing and skill sets.

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Segmented RPO FAQs.

Segmented RPO is similar to the more traditional Recruitment Process Outsourcing model, but is delivered on more of a function and project-based approach rather than an ongoing, full spectrum recruitment process as is the case with RPO.

Businesses tend to utilise a Segmented RPO approach when they are (or know they will be) experiencing a short-to-medium term increase in their recruitment needs. In most situations, they recognise that their internal recruitment teams and capabilities will not be able to meet the hiring milestones they require, so the decision to outsource is taken.

Numerous companies that choose Segmented RPO benefit from reduced cost of hiring, faster filling of skills gaps, and strong talent pipelines that are built as part of the process and they can tap into in the future.

Similar to RPO services, Segmented RPO programmes are built to each clients’ specific requirements. As a result, the pricing structure can vary depending on exactly what you are looking to achieve from the process. Get in touch with us and we can provide a free consultation which will give a better idea of what sort of costs you can expect.