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Graduate Programmes.

Emerging talent is important. You’re hiring future leaders and technical specialists. Whether it’s a handful or hundreds, we handle the end-to-end recruitment for your intern, apprenticeship or graduate programmes. Their future is your future.

Graduate Recruitment Outsourcing: 
Find your future, today.

We take care of every aspect of the process so you’re left with the best talent to interview. Less work for you means you can properly focus on selecting the right people for your business’ future.



Appropriate programmes designed in line with talent you are looking to attract.



We screen all applications, identifying the most suitable candidates.


Assessing against your needs

We assess them in line with the goals of your graduate recruitment programme.


Testing to ensure a match

We test them to ensure their skills - technical and soft - match what you are looking for.


Your final selection

We present the best talent so you can personally interview and select your hires.

A transparent process, tailored to your needs.

We partner with you to gain a strong understanding of your organisation and its recruitment needs, especially in the context of why you are looking to recruit graduates. With that information, we create a graduate solution that’s bespoke to your situation. 
You will be coming into contact with numerous applicants. You want everyone to have a positive experience, whether they’re hired or not. We ensure that a great impression of your organisation is left on each and every graduate that enters the programme.

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Success Stories

Morgan McKinley Transforming foodpanda's Talent Acquisition for FinTech Expansion

Morgan McKinley Transforming foodpanda's Talent...

foodpanda, a leading food delivery platform in Southeast Asia, aimed to expand into the FinTech sector by launching a FinTech wallet..

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Beyond fire fighting: securing recruitment strategy for longer term

Beyond fire fighting: securing recruitment strategy for longer term

As a company whose brand was relatively unknown, our client faced a challenge to recruit top talent over short period of time…

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Video interviews cut time to hire

Video interviews cut time to hire

Online travel search sites have become a highly competitive business. One way of differentiating the offer and raising brand awareness…

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Talent Pooling and the Employee Value Proposition

Talent Pooling and the Employee Value Proposition

A strong employee value proposition (EVP) is key to attracting the best talent now and in the future. Building brand awareness is therefore…

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A leading bank attracts high-flyers for a fast-track programme

A leading bank attracts high-flyers for a fast-track programme

Banks want to identify and attract top graduate talent. But with little or no experience, graduates have to be carefully assessed for suitability…

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Outsourced Talent Solutions: 
The choice is yours.


Outsource your entire permanent recruitment process.

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Segmented RPO

Meet your hiring milestones for specific projects and business functions.

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Outsource your contract and temporary hiring needs, whatever the scale.

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Project Recruitment

Enables mission critical hiring for your upcoming big project.

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Augment the capacity of your business through external talent on a flexible basis.

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Managed Services

On-site, remote or hybrid resources that bring continuity to your staffing and skill sets.

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Graduate Programmes: FAQs.

Graduate Programmes, or Graduate Recruitment Outsourcing, is the transfer of the end-to-end recruitment for a company’s graduate, intern or apprenticeship programme to an external provider.

The external provider will work with you to gain a greater understanding of your organisation and why you are hiring graduates. Once that is established, they will design your programme which usually includes the screening of applications, conducting first round interviews, administering online psychometric testing, facilitating assessment centres, offer management and regretting unsuccessful candidates.

The primary benefit is the time saved for you. You could be engaging hundreds or thousands of graduate applicants which would be a huge drain on your (and your team’s) time. With Graduate Recruitment Outsourcing, the majority of the initial legwork is done for you - you just have to select the people you want to hire. It’s also a great way of ensuring that your company is represented positively and consistently to all applicants from one centralised provider that understands what you are trying to achieve as a business.

Graduate Programmes or Graduate Recruitment Outsourcing is different for every business as the programme is uniquely designed and tailored to that specific company’s requirements. For example, one company could be hiring 15 graduates whilst another is looking to recruit 3,000. Due to this level of variation in delivery, pricing structures differ on a project-by-project basis. You can contact us for a free consultation to find out more about what the costs would be for your unique situation..