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5 skills you need to work in customer service

5 skills you need to work in customer service
Submitted by Sharon on Tue, 10/26/2021 - 11:30

Customer service is a blend of many different skills. To become an expert in a customer service role, it takes time, patience and practice.

How you treat your customer can be the difference between a loyal returning customer and a dissatisfied customer.

1. Listening

Listening is a key factor in a customer service role.

If you are not concentrating and listening to what the customer is saying, things can be misheard and then misunderstood, which can lead to many problems further down the road.

Be patient and if you are finding it hard to understand them, ask them to repeat themselves as there is nothing worse than a customer who thinks that you are not listening to them. 

2. Communication

The ability to communicate verbally and written are key factors to good communication.

You need to make sure that you are speaking clearly and that your written skills are strong. Your written skills are things that can be practiced by doing a typing course, spell checking everything and checking grammar. Verbal communication is a little bit trickier to master but can be done with practice. Don’t shy away from the extra calls that come in, make sure you answer them in order to improve your verbal communication skills - practice makes perfect!

Everything needs to be clearly communicated so that the customer is getting the best service possible and understands everything.

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3. Self-Control

Self-control is key to good customer service. When customers are irate and aggressive to you on the phone or in person, your first thought is to be aggressive back. This is where your self-control comes in.

Listen to what the customer has to say, let them finish and before responding take a minute to think how you would like to be dealt with when you have a problem.

Each call will be different so if you have an irate customer on a call and they put you in terrible form, be sure you don't show that when dealing with the next customer as their problem is as important as the last.

4. Knowledge

Knowledge is everything.

Know the company you are working for back to front and how to resolve the problems to the best of your ability. Nine out of ten times, the same problems continue to reoccur.

There is nothing worse than being put on hold when you have a problem that you want dealt with as soon as possible. If you are unsure how to resolve basic problems, ask for more training.

5. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others. We cannot always give a solution to a customer’s problem but we can make them feel that we are empathising with them.

Acknowledge the customer's feelings and listen to them and once finished, reiterate to them what they have told you so that they know you were listening. The customer is the most important person on the call so make sure you make them feel that way.

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