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Aaron Fleming

Consultant | Technology Recruitment | Dublin

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About Aaron Fleming

Specialist in Technology Recruitment - DevOps, DevOps, QA Testing (Manual & Automation), UAT Test, Support Engineers.

Specialist Area

Technology Perm - DevOps, QA Testing (Manual & Automation), UAT Test, Support Engineers.

My Advice

today's tech-driven world, recruiting and being recruited in the technology sector require strategic agility and a deep understanding of emerging trends. For candidates, it's crucial to continuously upskill and showcase expertise in cutting-edge technologies to stay competitive in the job market. Emphasizing adaptability and a growth mindset can also enhance attractiveness to employers seeking versatile talent.

For clients, the key lies in partnering with a recruiter who not only comprehends the latest tech advancements but also understands the unique culture and requirements of your organization. Look for a recruiter who can offer innovative sourcing strategies, leverage AI-driven tools for candidate assessment, and prioritize diversity and inclusion in the hiring process.

cessful technology recruitment hinges on a symbiotic relationship between candidates and clients, built on mutual understanding, continuous learning, and a shared commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the tech industry."

My Background

Aaron Fleming is a seasoned consultant at Morgan McKinley, specializing in technology recruitment. His days are dedicated to fostering connections and providing expert guidance to both clients and candidates.

With a decade of experience in business and marketing, Aaron has honed his skills in the service industry. In his previous role as Business & Marketing Manager at one of Ireland's largest health clubs, he led a team of five sales executives while spearheading comprehensive marketing strategies encompassing phone, SMS, email, and corporate outreach. His client-centric approach extended to organizing company events and delivering personalized presentations to visiting clients.

Aaron's hallmark is his attentive listening skills and his unwavering commitment to prioritizing the needs of clients and candidates alike. Known for his ""whatever it takes"" attitude, he remains steadfast in exceeding expectations and delivering results.