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About Morgan McKinley

We’re your Career Ally. We believe your career journey extends beyond your next job opportunity. Together we will go beyond.

Our Diversity Promise

At Morgan McKinley, diversity is about celebrating the differences that people bring to our organisation. 

Our Diversity Promise  is to ensure that everyone who interacts with Morgan McKinley, from our clients and candidates to our own employees,  are valued and respected, and that their selection for partnership, recruitment, training or promotion, is objective and based solely on professional merit. We look beyond age, ethnicity, gender, religion, politics and sexual orientation. Our goal is to create a workplace and relationships that are welcoming to all.

By fostering an inclusive culture which supports a diverse spectrum of talented professionals, Morgan McKinley ensures that we successfully add value to the relationships we build with our candidates and clients globally. 

We are equally committed to continually improving our own working environment, thereby ensuring that our workforce reflects the markets we operate within across our global network of offices.

Code of Conduct

Morgan McKinley is committed to providing equal opportunities at all stages of employment and to avoiding unlawful discrimination in employment and in the conduct of its business.
We aim to create a working environment which is free of discrimination, harassment and bullying. That everyone is treated with dignity and respect is an important aspect of ensuring equal opportunities in employment.
Morgan McKinley does not discriminate against staff on the basis of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation
Person and job specifications will be limited to those requirements that are necessary for the effective performance of the job.
Candidates for employment or promotion will be assessed objectively against the requirements for the job.
Disability and personal or home commitments will not form the basis of employment decisions except where necessary and within the perimeters of the law.
All staff have a duty to act in accordance with this policy and treat colleagues with dignity at all times, and not to discriminate against or harass other members of staff, regardless of their status.

Our three year plan

  • Further our engagement with organisations such as Stonewall, Race for Opportunity, and ENEI, as well as identify new partners to broaden networks
  • Continue working toward Clear Assured status
  • Continue to develop our ‘Women in Leadership’ programme and seminar series
  • Ongoing awareness training for all staff including: Training on unconscious bias, Competency-based interview techniques
  • Publish diversity tracking reports

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