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About Morgan McKinley

We’re your Career Ally. We believe your career journey extends beyond your next job opportunity. Together we will go beyond.

Building a diverse network of candidates

We source and recruit from a truly diverse talent pool to provide the best possible candidates for our clients.
All of our consultants are fully trained in how to ensure that every job advertisement that we place is inclusive. Our job advertisements are always  reviewed by our Marketing Team, which has expert knowledge of legislation pertaining to discrimination and understands the importance of using non-discriminatory wording and imagery, as well as the placement of advertisements. We actively promote a holistic approach to diversity when communicating with candidates so that we can attract and connect with the widest pool of applicants.
Furthermore, we have developed relationships with organisations such as Stonewall, Race for Opportunity, and ENEI to ensure that our organisation is an attractive workplace for all.

Our Database

Morgan McKinley uses a specialist industry-leading recruitment CRM system called Bullhorn where we store candidate, client and assignment information. Any confidential data, including diversity information that is collected from registered candidates is held in a protected area of our database which cannot be accessed when viewing candidate records, therefore eliminating any possible form of discrimination when our consultants are searching for, and short-listing talent.
A critical part of our internal diversity and inclusion delivery strategy is the ongoing assessment of our diversity statistics. With the assistance of benchmarking tools, we continually monitor and identify underrepresented groups in the sectors and geographic specialisations we operate in.

Global Data Centre

A diverse talent community is a commodity that exists on a local and international level. With increased candidate mobility and the globalisation of data, competition for the most highly skilled professionals is fierce.
In 2012 we established a dedicated online research team, which is tasked to identify global talent in a range of professional disciplines in defined target disciplines and markets.
This team has helped us to become even more objective in our search for talent, building our database based solely on skills and experience.


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