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When it comes to hiring the right people, as you well know, informed decision-making is crucial. Our useful articles and resources will help you polish up your recruitment processes to ensure you continue to get it right, every time.


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How To Write A Job Advert That Will Boost Your

You’ve identified that a new hire is needed; an accurate job description has already been carefully crafted. Now you need to attract some attention to…

Webinar: Organisation Design - Reshaping Your Workforce To Thrive And Grow
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Webinar: Organisation Design - Reshaping Your

Leaders are grappling with a global economic crisis, a health pandemic, an accelerated need to digitise and new ways of working just to further…

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How To Write A Cover Letter: 9 Dos and 5 Don’ts

You’ve found your dream job. You read the job description and it seems like you’re a great match, so you apply. You upload your recently spruced up CV…

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4 Ways You Can Overcome Unconscious Bias In

You always want to hire the best candidate for the job. You base your hiring decision on the candidate’s ability to do the job well. Or at least that’s…

5 key motivators within the workplace
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5 key motivators within the workplace

Having motivators for employees is important for any sort of business at many different angles. Not only does it brand you, as an employer, as the best…

Managing Data - Building Data Capability In

We live in the era of big data.  Organisations are looking at data to unlock opportunities for business growth and operational efficiency. They are…

Employee Onboarding Process
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Follow These Steps To Optimise Your New

You’ve held interviews with eligible candidates and extended an offer to the lucky one (or few, depending on your hiring needs). They duly accept. You…

make a job offer
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How to make a job offer that will get accepted?

After days, weeks or even months of sourcing, shortlisting and interviewing candidates, you have finally identified the right candidate for the role! The…

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