Our Specialisations

We believe recruitment firms should know what they’re talking about. It’s our duty to speak the same language as our candidates and clients; to understand their specialist issues and employment trends. We have an unswerving commitment to market we serve.


Our Global Specialisations

Specialisation used to mean very broad categories such as Finance or IT. But today, employment markets are much more granular. Now it’s about Senior Finance, Tax, Core Finance and so on. In IT, it’s about Leadership & PMO,Data & Applications, Development & Testing and so on. And the same is true in other areas.

Morgan McKinley has a footprint across 10 specialisations serving our global markets.


  • Core Finance
  • Senior Finance
  • Specialist Finance
  • Risk
  • Compliance



in various specific locations, such as Oil & Gas in Dubai, Sales & Marketing in Singapore and Engineering in Ireland.  

Preparation Preparation Preparation

If you want to see the opportunities before anyone else, you have to be ready for anything. Because of our relentless commitment to our clients and our candidates, we always want to hit the ground running. We’ll research and prepare, and we’ll develop strategies and technologies to make sure nothing is left to chance. In a sport, games are won or lost in the time between. That’s how we work here. Because we want to be faster and righter, more often than anyone else.




Accounting & Finance | Banking & Financial Services | Engineering | IT | Supply Chain | Tax HR | Language | Sales & Marketing | Science Office Support | Executive Search



Finance & Accounting | Banking & Financial Services | HR | IT | Office Support | Asset Management | Project Management | Tax | Practice |



Finance & Accounting | Internet & Media | Technical & Engineering | Sales & Marketing



Banking & Financial Services | Finance & Accounting | Construction | Energy | Supply Chain | Office Support | Sales & Marketing



Banking & Financial Services | Finance & Accounting | Healthcare | IT | Technical & Engineering | Sales & Marketing



Banking & Financial Services | Finance & Accounting | HR | IT | Asset Management



Banking & Financial Services | Finance & Accounting | IT | Sales & Marketing | Asset Management | Project Management | Tax | Practice |



Finance & Accounting | IT | Project Management | Risk Compliance | Strategy | Executive Search



Banking & Financial Services | Finance & Accounting | Insurance | IT | HR | Sales & Marketing | Risk Compliance

And beyond

We recognise that the demands of our clients vary depending upon the market and the profile of each country and local economy. So as well as our 10 core global specialisations, we deliver specialist recruitment support for a further 16 specialisations that vary from office to office. Whether it is HR in Tokyo, Sales and Marketing in Paris, or Energy and Engineering in the UAE, we offer the specialist recruitment, and the talent management expertise that our clients need wherever they may be.

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