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Chief Executive Officer



LauraLynn Children’s Hospice is the only provider of palliative care and support for children and their families. The Board was looking to conduct an international search for a new Chief Executive Officer.

Client Description

LauraLynn is the only Children’s Hospice providing palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families in Ireland. Separate to their children’s hospice service, they also provide a disability service to a small number of adults and children.

The Assignment

The Board of Directors was seeking a new Chief Executive Officer to lead the Children’s Hospice. Given the incredibly strong need for the organisation to maintain and strengthen relationships with the island’s network of children’s hospitals and the large team of clinical staff, it was a priority that this incoming CEO had a credible background with clinical expertise as well as the capability to manage a large multi-million euro operating budget and have leadership experience and work with the Board of Directors.


MMK Executive conducted a search for children’s palliative care leaders across Ireland, UK and looked at Irish diaspora working across Europe. Given how limited the children’s palliative care network in Ireland is, it was important we approach the international talent cohort. Internal candidates were evaluated.


The Board of Directors were able to benefit from the thorough international search conducted.

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