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JSA Umbrella Services

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JSA is a company with leading accountants for contractors providing Umbrella Services and a variety of accountancy services, including Limited Company to the freelance contractor market.

For the past 24 years, our team of contractor accountants and experts have provided over 50,000 contractors with compliant support and guidance, excellent customer service and straightforward, easy-to-understand advice.

No hassle, no jargon. Get paid, be compliant, and get on with enjoying your free time.     

The first step is to determine which service best suits your needs; Umbrella or Limited Company:

What is an Umbrella company?

An Umbrella Company is a previously established Limited Company, which allows a contractor to work under its shelter, hence the name umbrella.

This means that you become an employee of the umbrella company.  As your employer, the umbrella company will then handle all the administration associated with your contract, including your pay.

JSA will process your timesheets and expense claim forms, invoice your agency and co-ordinate the collection of funds.

JSA will calculate the payroll on a PAYE (pay as you earn) basis with the added benefit to you of offsetting any legitimate business related expenses that you claim against tax.  After deducting your Income Tax and National Insurance contributions, JSA pay your net salary directly into your personal bank account and your Income Tax and National Insurance contributions directly to HMRC.

By managing your financial affairs in this way, you can feel confident that you will have legitimately paid the correct level of Income Tax and National Insurance. The money paid into your bank account is yours to spend. 

How would you benefit under umbrella service with JSA


What is a Limited Company?

Under certain circumstances, incorporating your own limited company may be a viable option to consider.  Such circumstances will include your contract length and rate however JSA would discuss this with you in detail to ensure suitability.

Forming a limited company is a common remuneration means for longer term contractors based on preferential tax savings from dividend distributions and flexibility within the freelance market.

How would you benefit under your own Limited Company through JSA?

JSA can offer you two competitively priced, value-for-money limited company services – Express and Liberty, with no hidden costs or tie-in fees.

Not only do we cut through all the jargon to make setting up your limited company as easy and straightforward as possible, our team of dedicated industry professionals are here to give you continuous support as well as sensible and reliable advice to suit your situation.

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