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Employee Wellbeing: 7  Ways

Employee Wellbeing: 7 Ways You Can Support The…

The traditional office environment has undergone a significant transformation. With the rise of hybrid work models prevalent in many industries,…

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How To Find A New Job After

How To Find A New Job After Being Made Redundant

You haven’t been made redundant. Your job has. It’s important to understand the semantics here.

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8 Tips for Negotiating

8 Tips for Negotiating Employment Contracts

You were sufficiently prepared for your interview and it went really well; every answer you gave matched their expectations. On top of your successful…

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Job hopping: Boon or Bane?

Job hopping: Boon or Bane?

A gap in your resume or an average job tenure of 1.5 years or less would have been a big red flag for employers in the past. But times have changed.…

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Tried-and-true Tips for

Tried-and-true Tips for Managers to Secure Top Temp…

The misconception that a candidate-driven market automatically translates to a flooded talent pool is dangerous. Many qualified candidates have…

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Tech Talent Assessment:

Tech Talent Assessment: Innovative Interview…

Traditional, linear interviews are becoming a thing of the past, with recruiters and assessors turning to innovative techniques to unearth the very…

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How to craft a compelling

How to craft a compelling business case to hire?

Managers juggle deadlines, delegate tasks, and motivate teams to achieve ambitious goals. However, when a team is chronically understaffed and…

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Should I Make A Counter Offer

Should I Make A Counter Offer To An Employee?

That sinking feeling when a valued employee resigns hits every employer at some point. It's a domino effect—disrupted workflows, recruitment costs, and…

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In-demand Sales skills and

In-demand Sales skills and Marketing skills

Being able to identify key sales and marketing skills in prospective new team members is an important part of the recruitment process. Picking out…

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6 Signs Indicating That It

6 Signs Indicating That It's Time to Hire and…

Chasing growth presents a unique set of challenges. You've landed new clients or have a surge in product demand and now need to ensure you can deliver…

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Major IFRS Accounting

Major IFRS Accounting Standard Modifications: A…

IFRS plays a crucial role in ensuring global consistency in financial reporting and can necessitate significant adjustments to reporting practices.

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