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Temp Work

Being a ‘temp’ is the preferred way for many people to pursue their career and has a long and established global history as a way for companies to recruit. 

We provide our temps with access to assignments in Ireland’s leading employers, comprehensive advice on career & compensation, updates on market trends and the opportunity to work closely with our market leading teams of consultants.  

Why choose to be a Morgan McKinley temp?

Being a Morgan McKinley temp is a positive option for many individuals at certain points in their career, such as:

  • When you want to change career path, industry or company, being an temp can help you gain experience in a new role or sector
  • If you have experienced a career break such as when travelling
  • If you want to work in the holidays while studying
  • If you want to learn new skills or meet new people to expand your networking opportunities
  • If you want more flexibility in your work to suit your personal life
  • When you are looking for your next permanent position
  • Being an Associate can often provide you with a professional edge and a wide range of skill sets only possible to achieve in the varied world of flexible working.

We compiled a list of frequently asked questions that you may find useful.

Why companies hire Morgan McKinley temps

Our temps are a key asset to companies and organisations throughout Ireland providing them with:

  • Fixed period access to skills as and when required
  • Cover for maternity leave or absences
  • Additional cover for particularly busy periods of business
  • The opportunity to gauge a candidate's potential suitability for a permanent position

Information for Morgan McKinley temps

We work with some of the largest and most professional companies in ireland. These companies continue to do business with us because of the service they receive. It is therefore important when working on an assignment that you remember the following:

  • Commitment – When you work as a Morgan McKinley temp  you become part of our client’s team and are therefore expected to make the same level of commitment that their permanent team do. Whether that be starting or finishing on time , the hours you work each week or getting approval before you take any time off (including holiday) it is important that you become an integral part of the team.
  • Dress Code - Be mindful of the environment that you will be working in and ensure you dress appropriately. Check with your consultant as to what is expected of you.
  • Flexibility - In some cases, flexibility with regard to your duties will be expected. Bear this in mind and be prepared to go the extra mile for the client. Both the client and Morgan McKinley will appreciate your dedication and you will be paid for all agreed additional hours that you work.
  • Confidentiality - All information that becomes available to temporary staff during the course of an assignment must remain confidential.
  • Our Guarantee - When we places you in an assignment, we guarantee to our client that you will be professional, have the necessary skill set for the role and will be focused and dedicated to your job. Similarly when we place you in an assignment, we guarantee competitive rates, a role that will be matched to your experience and expertise, and a team of consultants who will be available to help you with any query during the course of your assignment.

Register to become a Morgan McKinley Associate

Contact Morgan McKinley to arrange an interview with one of our consultants in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford or Kilkenny and bring along your CV, ID, PPS number and bank details.


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