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Template: Japanese Resignation Letter (Taishoku-todoke)

Template: Japanese Resignation Letter (Taishoku-todoke)
Submitted by Asif on Tue, 11/16/2021 - 06:14

For those of you in search of a resignation letter template in Japanese, we have free, downloadable templates in Word format, ready for you to edit, print, and submit.

In Japan, there are two types of resignation letters: the taishoku-negai and the taishoku-todoke.

Once you have handed in your taishoku-negai and reached an agreement to terminate your employment, it is time to prepare your taishoku-todoke.

Like the taishoku-negai, it is a very simple letter with a relatively fixed structure. Do check with your HR to see if they have a preferred format; if not then feel free to download our free, editable template for quick turnaround.

Here is the template for your taishoku-todoke (退職届).

Download Taishoku-todoke Template

For tips on how to write a taishoku-todoke, see: 退職願・退職届の書き方(見本付き)

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