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Template: Japanese Resignation Letter (Taishoku-negai)

Template: Japanese Resignation Letter (Taishoku-negai)
Submitted by Asif on Tue, 11/16/2021 - 06:06

For those of you in search of a resignation letter template in Japanese, we have free, downloadable templates in Word format, ready for you to edit, print, and submit.

In Japan, there are two types of resignation letters: the taishoku-negai and the taishoku-todoke.

The former is what you normally present to your boss when you first tell him/her that you will be leaving the job. It expresses your wish to resign from your position.

The latter is what you submit after you have reached some sort of agreement with your company, to formalize your resignation.

Both letters are very simple with a relatively fixed structure. They are not difficult to write, but all the same it can be very handy to have a ready-to-edit template.

Here is a free, editable template for the former document: the taishoku-negai (退職願).

Download Taishoku-negai Template

For tips on how to write a taishoku-negai, see: 退職願・退職届の書き方(見本付き)

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