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In what’s often seen as a traditional sector, the legal world now must deal with new technologies, face increasing pressure from demanding regulatory changes, and more. At the same time, the world of risk, compliance and audit continues to expand into new territory. Great people can get you through these times and we have the experience and insight to help you discover the talent you need.


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Risk and Compliance No other recruitment specialist can offer you the sector expertise we can for roles within this area. Every member of our team has many years expertise helping companies of all sizes make great recruitment decisions. We know this area very well and we know what it takes to not just work in, but thrive, and will help you make the best recruitment decisions possible.

Why choose Morgan McKinley?

Access to Top Talent
Recruitment solutions for every budget

Whether your recruitment need is big or small we can tailor your recruitment plan to suit your budget.

Quick Placement
Quick Placement

We always strive to source, engage and to progress candidates in line with your recruitment timeline.

Custom Pricing
Deliver the best candidate for your role

You will enjoy peace of mind that you have acquired a candidate with the right skills, commitment, experience, personality and cultural fit to join your team.

Meet Your Legal & GRC Team

Our Legal & GRC team covers a range of legal, compliance, governance and quality assurance positions across multiple industries, including financial services, technology and healthcare / pharmaceutical. The team has developed strong relationships with major multinational organisations as well as increasingly venture / startup businesses, both Japanese and non-Japanese.

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee

Consultant | Legal & GRC Recruitment | Tokyo

Salvatore Martone

Salvatore Martone

Consultant | Legal & GRC Recruitment | Tokyo