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Merei Hatanaka

Consultant | Legal & GRC Recruitment | Tokyo

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About Merei Hatanaka

Specialist Area

I am responsible for Legal and Compliance recruitment at Morgan McKinley in Japan. I focus on identifying professionals across diverse specialties including compliance, risk management, audit, and legal, connecting skilled talent with opportunities that align with their interests and motivations.

My Advice

In your quest for the job you desire, approach each interaction as a chance to showcase your skills and passion. Tailor each application, demonstrate a deep understanding of the company, and highlight how your unique strengths and previous accomplishments align with their needs. Also, utilize your recruiter’s wisdom - they are not just guides but can act as your career partner by leveraging their industry knowledge and network to enhance your chances of landing the ideal job. In the hands of a skilled recruiter, your narrative gains depth, and your aspirations find resonance. At every step, collaboration with a skilled recruiter should create opportunities that can lead you to your desired job.

My Background

Originally from Manila, Philippines, I graduated in 2012 with a degree in International Studies, specializing in Diplomatic Studies and Tourism Management.

Weathering the job search challenges following the 2008 financial crisis, I secured my inaugural role at HSBC as a Business Development professional, marking the start of my journey in the finance sector. Progressing through roles at esteemed organizations such as MSCI and American Express, I deepened my knowledge in Finance, particularly in Corporate Governance and Relationship Management.

In 2018, I relocated to Tokyo, Japan, initiating my venture into the field of recruitment at the start of 2020, concentrating on Financial Services. Since joining Morgan McKinley in 2023, I've dedicated my efforts to the Legal, Compliance, Risk Management, and Audit domains.

Throughout my career in Japan, I've been committed to supporting and advising professionals in their quest for the perfect job opportunity, and with my experience, I continue to bring a strategic and insightful approach to connecting top talent with ideal opportunities in the industry.

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