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Mari Emilia Kikuchi

Consultant | Projects & Change Recruitment | Tokyo

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About Mari Emilia Kikuchi

Specialist Area

I cover the M&A, Strategy, and Risk areas, sourcing exceptional talent across all levels from junior to executive positions for in-house roles and consulting firms, such as Big4.

My Advice

Be yourself. I used to think adapting to a new company culture would be easy. It is not. If you need to act like someone else every time you interact with your colleagues or supervisor, if you feel out of place, suffocated and unable to show your true self, it is a sign to change jobs. Remember, you cannot excel without being genuine or authentic. You might think that by showing your “true colours”, others will think of you as less professional, or perhaps less capable. However, it is usually the opposite. Being yourself will allow you to relax in your environment, making you less exhausted and able to build strong relationships with your coworkers and clients. As a result, you can focus your energy and time on your job and your career development. So don't be afraid of being yourself and striving for better!

My Background

Born and raised in Poland, I moved to Japan when I was 17 years old. After graduating, I attended Hosei University, majoring in sociology. During my second year, I traveled to the United States on a scholarship, where I continued my research within the Criminal Justice field. My first job was in international logistics and procurement, working closely with both Japanese and foreign clients across a vast array of industries. Currently, I am part of the professional services consulting team at MMK Tokyo office.
I love spicy food, small animals (I have a tiny, cute hedgehog at home), and crazy adventures.
I’m always open for a chat, so let me know if you would like to grab a coffee sometime!