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Meru Nijiati

Consultant | Operations & Finance | Tokyo

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About Meru Nijiati

Specialist Area

I recruit for positions within financial services from junior to senior level executives, with a particular focus on middle and back office, including risk management, compliance, governance/internal audit, IT, finance, and operations.

My Advice

Never settle and keep searching for better career opportunities; to be bold might be risky but you can’t meet your potential unless you challenge yourself. We will offer honest career advice to help you reach your career goals.

My Background

Originally from China, I studied in Guangzhou and Beijing. After moving to Japan in 2016, I first worked as a salesperson at Narita Airport before attending graduate school at Hitotsubashi University. My time working in Japan has helped me form an output-focused outlook on life. And through my academic studies I developed a passion for helping others and positively impacting their lives. Most importantly, I have always sought opportunities to challenge myself and grow and will do so for my candidates and clients working as a recruiter.