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Outsourced total talent solutions for a leading high street bank


Leading high street retail bank in Ireland


Solve challenges in recruitment processes and improve their employer attractiveness in the market


Improved time-to-hire, recruitment costs reduced and quality of hires increased

What was the impact?
  • Scaled outsourced talent management: 1,000 new team members hired - permanent and temporary

  • Cost savings: Helped save around €1Million per year in recruiting costs

  • Reduced time to hire: New hires made in just 5 days compared to 6 weeks previously

  • Ongoing relationship: Success of the initial project has led to a 4 year RPO and MSP contract

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Going against the trend of many other financial institutions leaving Ireland’s banking market over recent years, our client has continued to grow.

With fewer banks active, there was a sudden influx of new potential customers and less competition to which they might have historically lost existing customers. This offered the priceless opportunity to further solidify their status as the market leader.

To seize it, they needed to hire at scale. Fast.

Only one problem; their Talent Acquisition function was disjointed and majorly under-resourced. That’s where we came in…

The client

One of Ireland’s leading personal and small business banks.

The challenge

Hiring top talent was an ongoing struggle for the client in an increasingly challenging market. All of a sudden, this was heightened as they sought to seize the opportunity of 100,000+ new customers coming onto the market.

To put that into perspective; in their customer services team, 5 people would answer 300 calls. Not having an appropriately staffed team would mean missed opportunities and potential revenue across those potential 100,000+ new customers.

Not only that, but with stringent industry regulations to be met around customer service, failing to provide the level of service expected could result in fines and significant reputational damage.

The immediate challenge was to deliver 500+ new employees in four months to help meet hiring demands and cope with this surge in new customers

The solution

From the start, we knew a fast turnaround was key to help them seize the opportunity. To ensure we met their insatiable demand for talent, we partnered with the client to:


As part of this, we took steps to optimise their recruitment process by carrying out a full analysis of their current ways of working, from role release to offer. Looking at due diligence, systems and processes, we got to work on identifying the bottlenecks and red tape, and introduced new alternatives.

We are now in an ongoing partnership, managing and working closely with their recruitment team in a truly collaborative environment. We take full ownership of their recruitment needs to ensure organisational goals can be met in line with their brand values.

Since the initial partnership, we have been called on to help with other challenges; from overhauling the contractor book to achieve greater efficiencies, to scaling up a Customer Service and Complaints teams in record time.

The benefits

Fast response: When the client needed help, we reacted quickly and adapted to their requirements through our flexible on-demand model of talent solutions.

Improved candidate experience: By taking over from their TA team, we were able to control and optimise the entire experience for all candidates applying. This has long-term benefits for their employer brand and strengthens their talent pipeline.

Smooth integration: It’s hard to tell where their team stops and ours starts. New people have slotted into their culture without any disruption, while the bank is confident in us to manage their recruitment needs.

Supporting surge in demand: When additional surges in hiring demand arose, we connected the client with Abtran, our Customer and Business Process Management partner, who deployed 100 contact centre agents.

Effective transformation: We have transformed the client’s customer service offering, providing operational management and ensuring that a fully trained and talented workforce is in place and being effectively managed.

Future proofing: We’re constantly looking ahead. This ensures that what we’re putting into action today will remain efficient, streamlined and cost effective tomorrow.

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