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Morgan McKinley Transforming foodpanda's Talent Acquisition for FinTech Expansion




Tech talent acquisition for FinTech expansion


Placed 200 specialised roles within 18 months

What was the impact?
  • Placed 200 FinTech talents in 18 months

  • Time to hire reduced by 25%

  • 80% of hires reflected foodpanda's inclusive values.

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The client

foodpanda, a leading food delivery platform in Southeast Asia, aimed to expand into the FinTech sector by launching a FinTech wallet into their application. This expansion required a significant augmentation of their Talent Acquisition (TA) function to source highly technical roles across Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

The challenge

While foodpanda aimed to keep up with the innovation in the industry by integrating a FinTech feature into their app, envisioning a "foodpanda wallet," a seamless way to order food and pay in seconds, it didn't come without challenges.

The primary challenge faced by foodpanda was the acquisition of a diverse range of highly technical roles critical for the success of their FinTech venture. These roles encompassed full-stack developers, solution architects, product managers, and app developers, each demanding a unique skill set and expertise.

The foodpanda internal TA team faced resource limitations to carry out such a huge undertaking, and they needed a partner to reduce this workload significantly and allow them to focus on other business-critical initiatives.

Additionally, it was imperative to uphold confidentiality throughout the recruitment process, given the strategic significance of the FinTech initiative. foodpanda was in search of a trusted partner who could subtly balance talent acquisition and confidentiality.

The solution

Morgan McKinley's team of experts mapped a solution by parachuting a dedicated team of on-site recruiters and a TA recruitment coordinator across Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. This localised approach ensured a deep understanding of each market's talent landscape and facilitated close collaboration with C-level executives to meet the project's demands.

With regular communication and alignment with C-level executives at foodpanda, we ensured strategic alignment and resource allocation. There was targeted talent pooling by using existing databases and partner networks, as we built pre-qualified candidate pools for critical roles, reducing sourcing time. For sourcing, we implemented a multi-pronged approach including online platforms, professional networks, and targeted headhunting to attract top talent.

With strict data security protocols and controlled information sharing, our team demonstrated unwavering discretion and integrity in handling confidential data, with complete project secrecy earning the trust of foodpanda executives.

Key Services:

Sourcing: Ensured talent mapping to identify and engage with top candidates for highly technical FinTech roles.

Talent Pooling: Established a pipeline of qualified candidates to ensure the timely fulfilment of roles.

Confidentiality Protocols: Demonstrated trustworthiness and discretion in handling this confidential project, earning the confidence of C-level executives.

On-site Recruitment: Dedicated teams embedded within the client's locations.

Project Management: Overseeing the entire recruitment process and ensuring smooth execution.

"Morgan McKinley Talent Solutions supported the growth of foodpanda's Tech Hubs across Singapore and Taiwan during our largest growth season. With their support, we were able to hit our hiring goals set for the year. Morgan McKinley Talent Solutions provided strong project management, great sourcing of niche candidates, and also showcased strong stakeholder management skills across the board."

-Jerald Chen, Head, Talent Acquisition, Morgan McKinley

The Benefits
  • Increased hiring volume: Delivered 200 highly technical hires without compromising on the quality of the candidates.
  • Rapid Team Formation: foodpanda's FinTech team was built quickly and efficiently, enabling them to launch "foodpanda Wallet" on schedule.
  • Reduced Cost & Risk: Partnering with an experienced provider eliminated recruitment complexities and ensured cost-effectiveness.
  • Stronger talent pipeline: The talent pool ensures access to qualified tech candidates in the future, aligning with foodpanda’s goals.
  • Strategic partnership: The collaboration helped foodpanda Internal TA team's workload significantly reduced, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Increased Talent Diversity: A diverse candidate pool brought fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the team.

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