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Morgan McKinley partnering with one of the Big Four Accounting Firms to Establish an FS Advisory Practice


A renowned global leader in audit, tax, and advisory services


Hiring for niche skills


150 Candidates Placed

What was the impact?
  • Placed 150 qualified candidates

  • Filled positions within an ambitious 8-month timeframe

  • Recruited niche candidates within a competitive market.

  • Implementation of a streamlined and cost-efficient Project RPO model.

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The client

A multinational professional services network and one of the Big Four accounting organisations embarked on a transformative journey in Singapore. The organisation sought to establish a financial service advisory practice, signalling a strategic expansion into a critical sector of the Singaporean market.

The Challenge

The client in Singapore embarked on an ambitious venture to establish a financial service advisory practice from scratch, aiming to recruit 150 management consultants with specialised financial service advisory backgrounds within a tight timeframe of six months.

The challenge lay in the highly competitive landscape of Singapore's financial sector, where securing niche talent with the requisite expertise posed a significant challenge.

Additionally, the client sought a strategic approach to talent acquisition that would ensure control over the hiring process, enhance employer branding, and maintain agility in responding to evolving market demands.

The Solution

Upon engagement, we recognised the need for a comprehensive and agile recruitment strategy tailored to the client's unique requirements. We proposed a Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model, offering dedicated, efficient, and focused recruitment capabilities. Leveraging our expertise in talent acquisition and project management, we presented a solution designed to empower clients to navigate the complex hiring landscape with precision and confidence.

Our solution comprised a multidimensional approach. We deployed a team of recruiters and sourcers strategically positioned to execute the recruitment project seamlessly. Recognising the niche nature of the required skill set, we implemented a targeted headhunting strategy, leveraging referrals and sourcers to identify and engage with potential candidates from relevant backgrounds.

Additionally, we collaborated closely with the client's Talent Acquisition team to organise engaging events, such as FS Advisory meetups, to enhance the client's employer brand and foster meaningful connections with potential candidates outside traditional working hours.

To ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency, we adopted a project management approach complete with data-driven insights, regular progress updates, and clear project milestones. Key stakeholders, including senior partners and regional HR, were closely involved throughout the process. Our recruitment methodologies demonstrated agility and innovation, constantly adapting to changing market dynamics and refining strategies to maximise effectiveness within the project timeline.

Key Services:

Bespoke RPO Approach: Rather than implementing a one-size-fits-all RPO model, our team devised a segmented approach tailored to the client’s specific requirements. This approach allowed for greater flexibility and customisation in addressing their unique hiring challenges.

Talent Acquisition Strategy: Leveraging our expertise in talent acquisition, we developed a comprehensive strategy encompassing targeted headhunting, referrals, and engagement initiatives to attract high-quality candidates with specialised financial consulting backgrounds.

Onsite Recruitment Team: We assembled an efficient team of onsite recruiters, strategically positioned to execute the recruitment project seamlessly and ensure close collaboration with client stakeholders.

Employer Branding and Message Control: The client aimed to maintain control over its employer brand message while reducing costs associated with external agencies.

Project Management Framework: We implemented a robust project management framework complete with data-driven insights, regular progress updates, and clear project milestones to ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency throughout the recruitment process.

Technology Agnostic Approach: Emphasising our technology-agnostic approach, we customised technology solutions to meet client's specific needs and preferences, ensuring seamless integration with their existing systems and workflows.

The Benefits
  • Increased hiring volume: Delivered 150 hires without compromising on the quality of the candidates.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Continued reiteration of the brand's messaging enhanced the employer brand of the client.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing reliance on external agencies, the client realised significant cost savings while controlling recruitment expenses.
  • Speed & Efficiency: Filled positions quickly, allowing the client to launch their practice within a short timeframe.
  • Innovation: The Project RPO approach provided a more agile and effective solution compared to traditional methods.
  • Operational Efficiency: By adopting a project management framework, we enhanced operational efficiency, enabling clients to maintain control over the hiring process.

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