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Hiring a team of temps to solve backlog issues for a multinational financial services company


One of the largest global insurers and financial services groups.


Fill 11 temporary customer service roles to complete a backlog of work in a competitive hiring market.


Full team placed, plus additional hires made. Temps converted to perm roles and backlog of work completed.

What was the impact?
  • 20 new temps hired into customer service/administration roles

  • Hiring project quickly executed despite competitive market

  • Backlog of work was quickly completed

  • Temp roles converted to permanent positions due to quality of candidates

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When one of the world’s largest insurers and financial services groups reached out, the Talent Solutions team snapped into action. They needed entry-level candidates, on a temporary basis, to help complete a backlog of work.

One small catch; due to two big financial institutions recently leaving Ireland’s banking market, many other organisations were looking for exactly the type of professional that our client needed to hire. It was causing their TA team a lot of grief…

To ensure we were getting the best quality candidates for them over their competitors, we had to get moving fast.

The client

The client for this project was one of the largest global insurers and financial services groups that specialises in the delivery of products and solutions in insurance and asset management.

The challenge

Hire a team of 11 Customer Service Agents, Claims Administrators and Policy Managers on six month contracts to complete a backlog of work - the sooner the better.

All at a time when these entry-level professionals were in high-demand due to significant changes within the financial services landscape in Ireland.

The solution

Knowing that the client had never used an outsourced provider for temp resources before, we had a chance to impress - and we were confident of surpassing their expectations.

A team of two expert recruiters within the space and a Programme Director to oversee the project was put together. Not wasting any time, they got to work.

Using various platforms and Morgan McKinley’s extensive candidate database, the team soon had numerous suitable profiles ready to share with the client. After swift interviews, 20 temps were hired.

The benefits

If you’ve read this fully, you would have noticed that they only needed a team of 11, not 20. Well, so many of our candidates were just what they were looking for, so they hired nine more. Not bad.

And the great results don’t end there. After seeing the excellent work our temps were producing, they extended their contracts beyond the initial six months…and then created permanent roles for over half of them.

Quite a compliment to the quality of our candidates, don’t you think? 

Needless to say we received hugely positive feedback from the client. They had been apprehensive about working with an outsourced recruitment provider, but we took the pain away from their TA team, eased their fears through the strong quality of our candidates and surpassed their expectations.

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