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Organisational Design 
& Development.

Optimise the make-up of your workforce. Develop an architecture for change. Achieve growth goals. Organisational Design & Development sheds light on the best ways you can improve how your people collaborate, innovate and connect.

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Empowering sustained performance.

Plan for and enable sustained performance within your business through your people, processes, strategy and systems. We provide strategic advice around organisational design, succession planning, board assessment and competitor intelligence.

  • Understand your business state 
    We assess and review your people, systems and processes to get a strong grasp of your business purpose.
  • Analyse where there are gaps 
    We review the gap between your current position and where you aspire to be as an organisation in the future.
  • Identify what can be changed 
    Through our investigation and analysis, we reveal inputs, outputs, and results for you to focus on.

Develop your culture and behaviours. Build an adaptable workforce. Improve your overall effectiveness.

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Passionate about your success: 
We help you grow.

Unique situations. 
Different leaders.

Whether you're in a period of high growth, looking to make widespread and long lasting change, or simply looking to fill a vacant leadership position, the type of person you need will differ.

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Leaders for 

Help your growth venture have the impact you desire by making the right leadership decisions, guided by us.

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Leaders for 

To make transformation last, you need leaders who view processes and strategies in a way that few others can.

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Leaders for 

With the right strategic leaders, now and in the future, you ensure your teams are focused and successful.

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Org: a more human kind 
of professional services company.

Morgan McKinley is part of Org, a more human kind of professional services company which supports your executive team in designing the optimal strategies, processes and technology to gain a competitive edge. By delivering deep expertise into the heart of organisations, Org ensures all problems are solved, challenges are overcome and opportunities are taken.