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2024 permanent Sales & Marketing salaries in Japan.

Your access to up-to-date permanent salaries for a range of Sales & Marketing roles based in Japan; allowing you to accurately benchmark what you pay your teams.

Hiring for Sales & Marketing in Japan.

Whilst hiring was tentative early in 2023, a positive shift occurred later in the year for Sales & Marketing recruitment, especially among multinational organisations. This turnaround was spurred by the realisation that Japan remains a market with limited candidate availability but a positive global hiring outlook.

Japan-based firms continued to hire Sales & Marketing talent throughout 2023, using the dip in the economy to source and secure high-quality professionals.

Looking ahead, the demand for professionals is expected to remain consistent, with the majority of hiring occurring at the mid-level rather than for senior leadership positions.

The top 3 things Sales & Marketing talent look for when moving jobs:

  • 1

    High salary offers

  • 2

    Job satisfaction

  • 3

    Career Growth Opportunities

In demand roles

  • Direct Sales
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Pre-Sales
  • Partner Development
  • Solution Architect / Solution Engineer

Valuable skill sets

  • Background with Salesforce
  • CRM Exposure
  • Experience with Cybersecurity
  • Bilingual with English Fluency and Native Japanese Fluency
  • SaaS (Software as a service) Sales Expertise

Up, down or flat? The state of salaries.

Despite multinational firms globally implementing hiring freezes, Japan is gradually witnessing a revival in recruitment. Looking ahead, we anticipate sustained growth in the demand for Sales & Marketing professionals across all markets, which may have an upward impact on salary offers.


of Sales & Marketing employees think their salary will remain flat in 2024.

Sales & Marketing salaries in Japan

Job Title Sector Sub Sector Location
Job Title Sector Sub Sector Location Low Median High

Channel Sales

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥10,000,000 ¥15,000,000 ¥20,000,000


Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥8,000,000 ¥15,000,000 ¥20,000,000

Alliance Manager

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥12,000,000 ¥16,000,000 ¥25,000,000


Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥8,000,000 ¥14,000,000 ¥20,000,000

Solutions Architect

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥8,000,000 ¥15,000,000 ¥22,000,000


Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥8,000,000 ¥14,000,000 ¥25,000,000

Customer Success Manager

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥9,000,000 ¥14,000,000 ¥25,000,000

Renewal Sales

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥7,000,000 ¥10,000,000 ¥15,000,000

Strategic Account Manager

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥10,000,000 ¥20,000,000 ¥25,000,000

Global Account Manager

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥10,000,000 ¥20,000,000 ¥25,000,000

Account Manager

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥8,000,000 ¥16,000,000 ¥22,000,000

Account Executive

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥8,000,000 ¥16,000,000 ¥22,000,000

Sales Manager

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥20,000,000 ¥25,000,000 ¥30,000,000

Sales Director

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥25,000,000 ¥30,000,000 ¥50,000,000

President / Country Manager (Small)

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥25,000,000 ¥40,000,000 ¥70,000,000

President / Country Manager (Large)

Enterprise Technology Tokyo ¥50,000,000 ¥75,000,000 ¥100,000,000

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