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Market insights: How to attract and retain talent.

Being able to showcase stability and giving the workforce freedom around where they do their work, alongside matching salary expectations, will be key to successful hiring and retention of talent in Australia this year.


of employers are planning to hire new permanent, temporary or contract staff in the next 6 months.


of professionals plan on looking for new roles in the first half of 2023.


of employers think they will lose staff to other organisations with higher earning potential.

We expect the hiring market to remain buoyant for 2023; the appetite for top talent shows no signs of weakening in the near future.

- Dominic BarehamManaging Director, Morgan McKinley Australia

This is your opportunity to Go Beyond all expectations.

How can you increase your hiring success rates?

1. Top 5 reasons professionals want to move roles.


of professionals intend to look for new jobs in the first half of 2023. Here are the main reasons for wanting to move...

  • Higher salary
  • Career development opportunities
  • Better culture and leadership
  • Meaningful and impactful work
  • More role security

2. Key benefits to offer.


According to our research, only 25% of professionals have a say over the benefits they can choose. If you give your people greater flexibility around their benefits, you stand more of a chance of successfully hiring in 2023.
In terms of benefits that professionals in Australia actually desire and value, the top 5 are:

  • Work from home
  • Flexible working hours
  • Health insurance
  • Work where you want policy (remotely overseas for a period of time)
  • Allowance for training/qualifications

3. Flexibility in working patterns.

Offering flexibility around working hours and location is paramount for successful talent attraction. According to our research, the preference for the number of days in the office when applying for a new role is as follows:

Clearly, giving the workforce more freedom around where and when they do their work should be a focus.

The state of salaries in Australia...

In a highly competitive hiring market, where the jobseeker is often in multiple processes at once, those that offer the most substantial increases in pay are more likely to be chosen.


of employers have had to offer higher than anticipated salaries to attract new employees.


of employers have had to increase salaries to retain existing staff in the last year.


of employers think salaries in their specific sectors will rise again in 2023.

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