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Our commitments.

We always strive to make a positive difference in terms of our communities, sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion.


Corporate Social  

We understand that there is life beyond business. While we have been successful in helping companies around the world evolve through talented people, we have also gotten to know their local communities and their challenges too.

Where we see people facing difficulties and believe they can do with some help, we give it.

Morgan McKinley Millions

diversity equity inclusion

Diversity, Equity,  
& Inclusion.

Inclusion inspires. Different kinds of people from different backgrounds, all working together, inspire creativity and innovation. Any form of difference should never be an obstacle for career progression or getting a job in the first place.

We believe that a work environment should honour individuality and equality, empowering people to be themselves and to do their best work.

How we’re working on it Diversity policy Equal opportunities Social mobility

We always choose to make a positive impact over sitting on the sidelines. Where we can help, we do. - Helen Gallagher, Group Chief People Officer

Corporate social responsibility

Morgan McKinley Millions:  
Improving lives together.

When our Morgan McKinley Million initiative was first thought up, we set out to give back to our local communities. The ultimate goal was to raise €1,000,000 for charity.

With more than 800 of our people all over the world taking the time and effort to make a difference in the lives of others, we are proud to reveal that we have reached this target; supporting over 200 charities in our global communities and volunteering for more than 8,000 hours with local causes.

Not wanting to sit still, we’ve decided we aren’t done there. Just a simple ‘s’ added, and now our initiative keeps going. The Morgan McKinley Millions will continue to improve the lives of those in need, all over the world.

Morgan Mckinley millions improving lives together

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

How we’re working on it.

  • Our candidate attraction strategies are conducted in accordance with our Diversity and Equal Opportunities policies.
  • Job ads are scrutinised to ensure wording, imagery, and placement are tailored to attract the widest pool of applicants.
  • Where there are shortfalls in the wider market, we implement programmes to increase minority participation in the areas in question.
  • We also review our own diversity performance, aiming to identify underrepresented groups in our operating markets and specialisations.
  • Where gaps are identified, we aim to forge partnerships with organisations and individuals that will help to address this imbalance.
  • We actively work with organisations to support their internal programmes they have surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity policy.

We are committed to developing the diverse skills and experiences of all. We respect our employees, clients, candidates and investors throughout the world without regard to their differences or similarities. Our actions and behaviours must demonstrate and confirm our respect for each other and each other's contributions.

We are also committed to the goals of equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment. It aims to provide a work environment for staff that fosters fairness, equity, and respect for social and cultural diversity, and that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment and vilification as determined by current and future legislation.

To reinforce this commitment in our daily work, all company activities, policies, practices and procedures are to be carried out in accordance with this policy. Each employee is personally responsible and accountable for ensuring that their actions and behaviours reflect this policy.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Equal opportunities.

We consider all forms of discrimination to be unacceptable in the workplace. We are committed to providing equal opportunities throughout employment, including in the remuneration, recruitment, training and promotion of staff.

Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that no employee receives less favourable treatment or is unlawfully discriminated against on grounds of disability, gender, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, religious convictions, age, nationality or ethnic origin.

Morgan McKinley is an equal opportunities employer. All appointments and promotions are made on the basis of performance and ability. We are committed to the continued development of the personal and business skills of our employees and you will be treated in a fair and unbiased way and given every encouragement to realise your potential.

All employees will be made aware of the provisions of this policy and all employees are required to ensure that the policy is carried out properly as in addition to being committed to equal opportunities internally within the workplace, we are committed to ensuring our clients and candidates are treated equally.

Our candidates are assessed in accordance with their merits, qualifications and ability to perform the relevant duties required by a particular vacancy. We do not tolerate unlawful discrimination against or towards any candidates, client or prospective client.

equal opportunities