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Dominic Bareham

Managing Director, Australia | Sydney

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About Dominic Bareham

I have worked in recruitment for over 20 years and I still find one of the most amazing parts of my job is knowing I’ve helped someone to change one of the biggest parts of their life, their job.

Specialist Area

I recruit for senior level roles and lead three teams across our business.

My Advice

Work in partnership with your recruiter to gain your ideal role. You should have an open dialogue and see the search process as a joint effort. Work out a plan of action, companies, and hiring managers to approach and then keep in contact for progress updates. It’s important that you know what is being done on your behalf and that you keep a record of this for future reference. I would also advise anyone to prepare for every interview, even if you think you are a pro. You should tailor your responses to focus on what you have achieved that is pertinent to the role you are interviewing for, not just showcasing all your talents and experience. I have helped hundreds of people prepare for interviews and I find nearly everyone can improve their interview by taking the time to prepare and practice. If you want to really get good at anything you have a coach, finding a job is no different and a good recruiter will be your coach to land your dream job.

My Background

I grew up in a small village on the South Coast of England playing every sport I could. My family loved to travel growing up so a few years after university I decided to head off for my own adventure around Asia and Australia, 18 years later I still call Australia home.

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