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Impact of Covid-19 on Australian Organisations

covid impact on australian businesses

2 Mins Read | 13-05-2020
Submitted by Sowjisha on Wed, 05/13/2020 - 13:05

As part of our commitment to helping businesses adapt, we have shared a series of content pieces to help businesses navigate through these uncertain times. We continue to organise business critical live and on-demand webinars and continue to produce blog articles to help employers and organisations adapt.

In addition, we have conducted a survey to understand the impact Covid-19 has had on Australian businesses:



The majority of respondents (44%) rate the impact of Covid-19 on their business as “moderate” while only 0.8% of Australian organisations have been positively impacted by this pandemic. Another 14% of respondents stated that their businesses have been “severely impacted”.


Working from home is seen as the biggest impact Covid-19 has had on organisations, followed by 68% saying that they expect to seen an impact on revenue/ profit decline; 56% expect to see “hiring freezes”.

Tip: We encourage employers to meet talent even during a hiring freeze. There is a lot of highly qualified talent currently available that otherwise would not be open to opportunities. Consider meeting them now (using video interviewing software) as a way to shorten your recruiting process when you are ready to hire again.


When it comes to managing remote teams and people working from home, questions around performance and productivity often arise. However, the vast majority of our respondents (40%) state that they expect to see 75% to 99% of normal productivity and another 12% expect to even see an increase in productivity.


The majority of businesses expect to see hiring freezes and a hiring slow down for the rest of 2020. This could have a positive impact on those organisations who are ready to hire and meet talent that can help them bounce back faster.


We will still see hiring continue in some areas; especially in Technology, Project Management & Change Management and Data & Analytics.


The vast majority of respondents (70%) have used video interviews to enable hiring and onboarding of remote employees, followed by virtual onboarding and training.


When asked whether they would consider hiring someone without an in-person meeting, almost 80% of respondents agreed they would hire a person even if only having met them virtually. Video meetings and interviews are a great way of tapping into a broader talent pool in far less time.

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