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Top tips to maintain momentum in your accounting and finance investment management career

A&F Investment Management Spring Recruitment Update

Submitted by global_admin on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 08:11
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Spring recruitment update for accounting and finance investment management professionals in London, with tips on how to maintain momentum in your career.

Overview of accounting & finance in investment management recruitment

The Investment Management space was very busy during the first quarter of 2020. The overall sentiment of the market was much more positive with bonuses holding up or increasing, which was a significant improvement compared to Q1 2019.

In the first 2 months of 2020 we were briefed on a wide range of new positions from our core Investment Management clients. The majority of these roles were due to growth which was definitely encouraging to see with clients looking to ramp up the size of their finance teams on the back of company growth. 

Alternatives, in particular real estate and private equity clients, were the most eager to hire which has followed on from a trend that we saw last year. Those who have specific experience working on these types of vehicles have been heavily in demand. Multi Asset Managers have definitely plugged the gap this year though. 

During the same period we saw a decline in contract jobs, mainly due to the IR35 changes that have now been postponed. Clients were often choosing to go down the FTC route or biding their time to see the impact of the proposed changes. 

On the back of this, many serial contractors have now come on to the permanent job market which has caused an increase in competition. This can only be good news for clients looking to hire a permanent role as it increases the talent pool available. 

COVID-19 Update

The last few weeks of the quarter were, of course, very challenging with a high proportion of roles being put on hold whilst companies aligned themselves to be able to work from home

On the plus side, many companies are happy to carry on interviewing for live roles through video conference calls and we have had new roles released during this period so it's not all doom and gloom. 

From a candidate perspective, this is a good time to network and research into the next role you are looking for. Clients looking to hire later on in the year have time to consider their options, and pipeline new talent.

Accounting & Finance Investment Management Jobs 

A few tips on how to maintain momentum in your accounting & finance investment management career

  1. Make sure your CV is clear and concise - it should only be 2 pages long.
  2. Include dates of qualifications, as well as month and year when you started / finished each role.
  3. Remember to show examples of where you have specifically added value.
  4. Make sure your education and qualifications are at the top of your CV.
  5. Think of what is relevant to the job you are applying to. 
  6. When preparing for an interview, always make sure you are prepared to talk about how the company you're interviewing for makes money, operates and in what markets. 
  7. Give examples of your competitive edge over other candidates in the market.
  8. Come prepared with examples of where you have added value, improved processes or taken the lead on a project or task. 
  9. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and you have a professional photo. 
  10. Looking for a new job is challenging and time consuming but you must remain positive at all times. 
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