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Considering the different 16 personality types in the workplace

Considering the different 16 personality types in the workplace

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The 16 personality types take into account numerous qualities that we all possess. Being able to offer things that appeal to these individuals in the workplace can improve productivity.

To which profession is your personality type most suited?

It is believed that there are 16 personality types individuals can fall into, with qualitative differences distinguishing these psychological classifications. A questionnaire was created in order to reveal an individual’s psychological preferences and, in short, how they view the world. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, developed by Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, has four key categories from which each person is said to have one quality - making 16 personality types.

These categories are: Introversion (ideas and information) or Extraversion (people and things), Sensing (facts and reality) or Intuition (possibilities and potential), Thinking (logic and truth) or Feeling (values and relationships) and Judging (structure) or Perception (going with the flow). 

From the results of an individual’s personality test, predictions can be made about what particularly motivates them, what frustrates them and what other ‘types’ of people they get on well with. When considering this in terms of the workplace, having an insight into what makes each employee tick is incredibly valuable for management. Whilst it is definitely not as black and white as that, it is still valuable information which can help with team structuring and it can also empower employers to get the most out of their staff.

Below we outline the 4 categories and the different 16 personality types within them, suggest the roles they may best be suited to and how to increase their productivity…

Analyst Personality Types

1. The Architects  - Independent hard workers who prefer to work alone but are ambitious. They like to be intellectually challenged and would work effectively in low-profile yet influential roles such as: project managers, systems engineers, marketing strategists and systems analysts.

2. The Logicians - Creative and abstract thinkers who keep themselves to themselves but enjoy getting deep into technical subject matters - they value guidance but not rules. Fields such as law, forensics or research are desirable.

3. The Commanders - Natural leaders who are strong-willed and brimming with confidence. They will do everything in their power to reach their goals so suit roles such as corporate strategists, lawyers or judges.

4. The Debaters - Energetic and argumentative who like to find solutions. Despite enjoying being around other people, they work well independently and make brilliant lawyers, systems analysts and sales representatives.

Diplomat Personality Types

5. The Advocates - Generally reserved in nature, they tend to be decisive and loyal. Can easily get frustrated if they don’t believe in what they are working towards so truly value transparency.

6. The Mediators - Imaginative and introverted, mediators want harmony and therefore want to help people. Like advocates, they need to believe in what they are working towards. Often well suited to creative roles, they can thrive in client facing positions.

7. The Protagonists - Great communicators with a genuine interest in people who will work to create a stable and friendly environment for their peers. Human Resources or teaching are both popular career avenues for them.

8. The Campaigners - Real ‘people people’, campaigners are energetic and full of great ideas but can struggle to see them through. At their happiest when exploring new opportunities with others - journalism and HR are where they are well suited.


Sentinel Personality Types

9. The Logisticians - Order in the form of tried and tested processes is crucial. They crave duty and revel in being dependable, and therefore like to work with people who do the same - very well suited to the Professional Services where tradition and authority reign. 

10. The Defenders - Practical yet calm and supportive, willing to defend people or causes they feel strongly about - their strong sense of duty to others motivates them. Ideally suited to support roles or Human Resources. 

11. The Executives - Believe in order, honesty and hard work - not tolerant of laziness or rule breakers. Often stubborn, they want to lead but may struggle to get buy in from others. Want to work for well-respected organisation so law or tax are attractive routes.

12. The Consuls - Generally more sensitive individuals, they aim to spread cheerfulness and positivity but don’t take well to criticism. The mix of practicality and people skills make them good personal accountants or alternatively teachers.

Explorer Personality Types

13. The Virtuoso - Unpredictable and enjoy taking risks coupled with a knack of tackling tasks at short notice with surprising enthusiasm, they value independence and fairness. Their hands-on vigour makes them excellent mechanics, engineers or graphic designers.

14. The Adventurers - Live in the moment and may not have solid plans for their future but possess an irresistible charm. Their spontaneous nature can be harnessed by getting them involved in sales meetings.

15. The Entrepreneurs - The front man or woman, their charisma and originality mean they make great salespeople and would also thrive in event management or hospitality

16. The Entertainers - Innovative and enjoy taking risks, they will plunge into any new opportunity often without considering the consequences. Once you have them on board with what you are doing, they will commit to it fully.

At the end of the day, we are all unique

The 16 personality types above are pretty broad and realistically we are are all different in our own unique ways. But having even a minor insight into what individuals are like can be incredibly useful in creating the best possible working environment. Workplace leaders should aim to support everyone’s needs as much as possible.

If you are interested in finding out which of the 16 personality types you are, you can take the test here.

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