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What we shared with Barry Callebaut...

Sharing Recruitment Insights

Written by Chris Jay
Jan 23, 2017
Submitted by Chris Jay on Mon, 01/23/2017 - 06:18

Our HR recruiters were recently invited by the APAC HR Director of Barry Callebaut to share recruitment insights the consumer sector with their APAC HR leaders.

The topics that we covered revolved around:

  • the overall hiring landscape in APAC
  • HR challenges including diversity and inclusion, especially the subject of women in leadership.

The discussion started on a high note with our sharing of the market’s positive hiring intention within thecConsumer sector for the next six months. Overall, it has been an employer’s market for HR recruitment across all sectors in 2016, however there is still preference for HR professionals from similar industries due to specific desired skill sets, making it a challenge for some companies to identify the right talent. We then shared how this is an issue that even Tier 1 FMCG players like Unilever and P&G are facing.

Some of the HR challenges we explored were: the lack of consistency in corporate branding and recruitment communications, as well as staff retention. Thereafter, concluding with a discussion around the high demand for talent management positions in the past 12 months.

The dialogue also revolved around some of the industry’s best practices. It was interesting to share how LEGO has successfully maintained consistent recruitment communication throughout their internal channels and external partners. Furthermore, the topic of how women in leadership have become one of the initiatives that top management is pushing forward was debated.  Morgan McKinley gave the example of how Unilever managed to promote six female leaders into top management positions in the past three years.

Interesting points were raised on how Japan Tobacco International, P&G and L'Oréal have been successfully promoting women in leadership and work-life balance through flexible working hours and work-from-home allowances. Morgan McKinley gave our feedback on Callebaut’s own intentions on employee diversity policies; for example, how inclusive Callebaut has been in hiring professionals outside of the consumer sector which will increase the talent pool but also the diversity of experiences within the Calleabaut organisation.

The feedback that we received from this sharing session was very positive and it is great to know that some of our points have been raised in Callebaut’s management meetings to be pushed forward as new initiatives in the region. 

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