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The transition from working in the industry to recruiting for the industry

The transition from working in the industry to recruiting for the industry

Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 08:50
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Change, in any form, made me cringe.

It was something I tried to avoid. Right from childhood, throughout my growing years and finally, as I settled to work in the industry, I strived for perfection and steadiness. A minor change was all that was required to throw me off-grid and would often lead me to adopt extreme measures to avoid the substitution or gain some ground. I was full of doubts as I took the major life decisions during the early stages of my career, as all of them demanded change. As any fresher who wanted to make it worthwhile in the industry, I learned to adapt to professional challenges. With zeal and sincerity, I could attain the position that I was striving for, during my initial years in the industry. I was successful in steading my ship, and the challenges subsided. However, this steadiness made me realize that I had a lot more to offer to the industry, and it made me reflect on my role in the industry. I weighted my skillsets and my hard-earned experiences that I had gained while overcoming the challenges, and I realized, to my amazement, that I was bored with my mundane role in the industry. Well, I was changing.

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The four years that I had spent working in the industry did little to help me in my personal and financial goals. Although operations are considered as the core area of any industry, I strongly felt that hiring the right candidate for the correct position and ensuring that the processes are functioning is the most expensive area for an enterprise to attain success. Moreover, the changing trends in global markets which led to the operations role being moved out of Singapore, my zeal to leverage my skills in supply chain/procurement, fuelled by my belief in the vital role of HR in the making of the industry made me shift from working in the industry to recruit for the industry. And I had changed. 


While working in the industry, I had little or no access to the formulation and implementation of the company's policies. I had a specific role that offered a small room for personal and professional growth. For anyone with high professional ambitions, it might be frustrating as job experts and market researchers point out that the growth rate in operations is low, and one has no control over their growth. Promotions are dependent on the hierarchy, seniority, or unplanned exits, while appraisals are hard to achieve. This might present a gloomy picture but is nevertheless true for many businesses.


A professional aspiring for personal and professional growth without the skillsets that are in demand or a person who is slow to adapt to the changing trends of the industry has fewer chances of success. However, a transition from operations to a customer-facing role within the industry can work wonders for the personal and professional life of the individual.


My experience and expertise in supply chain and procurement while working in the industry had given me an in-depth knowledge of the skill sets required, the challenges faced by the employees, and had also presented me a deeper understanding of the psyche involved while working.

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I also had the first-hand experience of the advantages or the drawbacks of any industry policy that affected the operations. This helped me a long way, after my transition as I was more equipped to contribute towards the formulation and implementation of these policies that had the power to propel the industry towards higher successes. To add to this, I was now directly involved in the hiring process within the industry. I was currently recruiting and was directly contributing to shaping the industry. This had a positive impact on my personal and professional life. Now I had more control over my desk. 


The transition from operations to recruiting demands a change from being a follower to a leader who is proactive, dynamic, and versatile. The shift in focus brought about by the crossing to the other side of the spectrum requires one to be analytical, observant, and well versed in company policies. It requires one to change the mindset from being a cog in the machinery to the one who directs the operation of the motor.


It requires one to be flexible and open-minded. The inputs that one presents during the interactions with the stakeholders are valuable for they count and go a long way in shaping the industry. If this excites you, check out 'How Recruiters Advise Clients About Their Employer Brand'


It's a rewarding experience that I gained in my transition from merely working in the industry to shaping the industry by recruiting for the sector. 

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